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If you hadn't already seen from my Instagram I'm currently planning my third trip back to the incredible Japan in a couple of months time!.. annnnd I'm feeling just a little un-prepared from an agenda, bank balance and most importantly an outfit planning perspective, so I thought I'd sit down and reminisce my trip with a bounty of un-posted holiday snaps and un-seen looks!..

So as its been a hot minute since writing on my blog, plus a little weekend digging through the archive and a trek down my memory lane from my last trip back in August 2018, saw me find all my un-edited Japan fish eye movies (stay tuned for all of that!), pictures of all my adventures and their looks both planned and MAJORLY unplanned. So lets get those creative juices flowing ahead of my next trip in 2 months time! [eekkk!]

#1 Sometimes the best outfits are the most unplanned...

So FINALLY a touchdown in Japan! Which should mean happiness, excitement and prospects of new adventures right?? Weeeeell not for me. Somehow our airline decided not to transfer my bag from our stop over in Russia and so I was faced with several days in Japan with just my tiny silver backpack that basically just contained my magazines, phone, headphones and SOME of my money... the rest in my suitcase -GULP-

I look back on this now and find it funny (even though at the time I also laughed... mainly because I couldn't do much else other than cry!), but although it wasn't the best start to a holiday it did mean a little shopping trip was in order which lead me to several neon chokers and this t-shirt dress. It might be mainly black and might not be the most wild of my looks, but altogether its super effective, and regularly flung this on during a lot of my trip.

Black t-shirt dress with striped arms - Forever 21
Neon yellow choker - Forever 21
Black high-tops - Converse

#2 Kimono dragon

Pre-trip digging into my wardrobe for inspiration (as you do), I came across this beautiful floral Kimono that I've had since uni and hardly ever wear (its not a Londoners usual thirsty Thursday attire so it doesn't see much daylight...).

So what better holiday to dig it out and spice up an all black outfit for date night than one to a traditional sushi restaurant 'Azabu Oidon' down by our hotel 'APA Hotel & Resort Nishishinjuku-Gochome-Eki Tower' in Tokyo and on a shopping trip on the way to try Kobe Beef in Osaka! I love little sheer jackets and ponchos for summer evenings, and this was built for the Japan heatwave of 2018, and as its long even with the most basic of looks underneath it was still super original and elegant.

Black square neck top - Newlook
Black jean skirt - Liquor n Poker
Kimono - H&M x Coachella
Studded bag - Unknown
Silver sphere sandals - Zara

#3 Where all your dreams come true

NOW a trip out to Japan wouldn't be complete without a venture round Disneysea! (Plus it would make the finally recovery of my suitcase including my minnie ears a little wasted if not). 

Disneysea is the only Disney resort of its kind and based around all things ocean right next to the ocean, and it said to be a resort more of adults. But instead of acting my age I decided to take Disneysea big kid style and tempt Winnie out of her slumber in this red 'honey' motif crop top and blue skirt. I mean it wasn't my everyday choice of outfit, but it was saved up perfectly for this little touristy trip!


Red 'Honey' top - Gole Online (10% off with code: Toaspromo10)
Blue denim skirt - ASOS
Check backpack - ASOS
Black high-tops - Converse

#4 Another girl, another planet

So pre-holiday for some reason I suddenly became obsessed with fashion on Amazon (I think mainly because I was sick of the usually cut and paste of the highstreet), and so I decided to give myself a little mini challenge and buy a few crazy pieces for when I decide to trip it to the off the wall areas of Shibuya and Harajuku for under £10 and style them up!

Two of those items were this yellow top with a little planet motif for £2.99 and the pink perspex glasses which I got for £3.11, I saved them up and paired them with matching neon socks, neon chocker and found a perfect matching crepe stand in the heart of the hectic Harajuku! I may have been bright but trust me I looked pretty toned down in comparison...

Pink clear perspex glasses - Similar here: Amazon
Neon pink chocker - Forever 21
Yellow spaceship top - Similar here: Amazon
Black jean skirt - Liquor n Poker
Check backpack - ASOS
Neon pink socks - Primark
Check slip-on trainers - Vans x Lazy Oaf

#5 Keep your eyes on the green man...

For its first every debut on my social channels, enter the all seeing eye... and the last of my mini Amazon haul for a silly total of £1.29! Although this top took a few weeks to arrive it was a brilliant piece if you're looking for something different, especially for a Summer festival, or a cheeky swim as its actually a one piece swimsuit! I mean as a top it is a little bit skimpy because its backless, but its nothing a bandeau bra couldn't fix. 

So armed with my trusty neon yellow choker and electric blue sliders from my save-me-I-have-no-pants shopping trip, we took the crazy busy crowds of the Shibuya crossing... and lucky for my other half I was very hard to loose! Haha!

Neon yellow chocker - Forever 21
Neon eye motif swimwear - Sold out (Similar bikini here: Amazon)
Black jean skirt - Liquor n Poker
Electric blue buckle sliders - Forever 21
Silver backpack - Boden

#6 Let your hair down... and then regret every second 

I've worn this dress before over on my instagram before but my oh my how I love it (minus the annoying Bardot shoulders... I can just never gel with them), so I thought it would be another perfect dress for a date night out to all you can eat and drink in-door BBQ Gyu-kaku (a must visit chain if you want a fun and affordable night out in Japan we've been obsessed ever since!) The only issue with this outfit? Having my hair down. You'd think it'd be ok in the evening after several days of 40 degree heat, it wasn't. [commence hair sticking to back vibes]

Earrings - Newlook
Black chocker - Forever 21
Gingham dress - Matalan
Silver sphere sandals (not pictured) - Zara

#7 Heres to looking at you deer

Whilst planning our trip, I did originally want to visit Nara to visit the beautiful deer, but due to time and the direction of the country we were travelling in, it just wasn’t able to go on our radar. Luckily for me though little did I know that on our trip to Miyajima Island had their own bundle of wild deer you could get right up to and touch, it was so so magical and well worth the sweltering heat. 

I’d like to say my matching check Hollister top (and probably the only Hollister item I own) and matching check backpack that became so helpful on the trip, was totally planned for this island getaway... it wasn’t. But I am happy I wore white because it was seriously scorching!!

Rainbow chocker - Newlook
White crop top with check motif - Hollister
Blue denim skirt - ASOS
Black high-tops - Converse

#8 When paisley meets pony

Another un-planned outfit for a night out clubbing in Kyoto saw me getting a little creative! 

We decided to hit the shops in the towering buildings of Osaka whilst venturing round the food markets (another must visit!). I popped in the H&M and (I think due to being a curvier westerner) you would not believe the abundance of amazing things in my size! I grabbed this Paisley box neck crop top for ¥800 (£5.58) and sheer blue and green two tone t-shirt for ¥600 (£4.19)... a couple of numbers my fiancĂ© was very happy to hear! I decided to pair them together along with a pony tail and pink bag. It’s back to my routes with blue and pink, and I adore it, naturally!

Earrings - Newlook
Green and blue sheer top - H&M Japan
Paisley blue square neck crop top - H&M Japan
Jean skirt - Liquor n Poker
Pink studded bag - Unknown

#9 Be brave and be bold

Overall my last few little looks just perfectly embody the base of all my outfits over in this stunning country, wearing things that were both bold, brash, but also comfortable.. Leggings were my absolute savour for this trip on top of long t-shirts and cotton dresses, when you’re on holiday exploring the last thing you want is to be faffing with uncomfortable jeans or tops, and sometimes from walking round all day all you want is a hug from your favourite sliders and a floaty dress to dump on... especially if they’re as bright as basically everything in this country/my heart.... orrrr just neon animal print ;-)

Purple tiger print dress - Henry Holland
Neon yellow animal print top - Motel Rocks
Blue leopard print top - Motel Rocks

So that’s it from Japan... for now ;-) Desperately looking forward to my next trip now, stay tuned for looks from 2020!


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