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Hi everyone! Incase you couldn't already guess from the title of this blog, welcome to my AW Haul for 18/19! Seeing as we're past December and into January I thought I'd do a little round up of my top 5 looks I've be wearing during AW.. although.. since Black Friday it does feel just a smidgen out of date as I've got hold of a few more items to bolster me through 2019, and a little unanimous Instastory poll told me to do a Haul for that so I'll be getting behind the camera for that soon! But anyway over to a very mild affair that is AW18, which I'm kind of hoping that it gets a bit colder in order to appreciate some of theses pieces more (I'm sure I'll take that sentence back when we get that casual snow flurry in March...)


I mean come on, it is a dreamcoat right? If I had a quid for every time I'd gotten a happy/smiley/bouncy comment from wearing it, I'd be well on the way to being a millionaire!... oh alright, I'd atleast have 20 quid! This thing never fails to brighten up someone's day when I walk around in it, plus it makes me happy, warm and comfortable and who doesn't need a great big dollop of that (plus the end of the brandy cream) at this time of year?! I've pulled this on over this one piece racing grid top, blue jeans and my trusty black patent leather DM's. It out there, probably doesn't reflect my age.. but I still LOVE it.

Rainbow Puffer Jacket - Primark
Checkerboard One Piece - Pretty Little Thing
Blue Jeggings - Newlook
Patent Leather Boots - Dr.Martens
Metallic Backpack -  Boden


ANNNNND I couldn't have a dreamcoat without a dream jumper right!? My dads hates it but it's probably for all the reasons why I love it! This jumper is an extension of the much beloved Lazy Oaf boring cardigan, and I'm sure will get just as much attention. It's such a quick way to throw on colour and complete an outfit in seconds. Teamed with my patent DM's again, favourite metallic Lazy Oaf purse, a pair of hoops and a little pink and green scarf to add to some of the jumper colours it's good to go and make some people happy. But I really do wish they'd added more pink to this jumper for some reason..

Headscarf - Vintage
Roll neck Jumper Dress - Lazy Oaf
Metallic Pink Bag - Lazy Oaf
Patent Leather Boots - Dr.Martens


For a much more smarter affair, who isn't rolling out the fur gilets and VAAAAST array of red animal print these days? (And this won't be the last of it #scroll) they just work so perfectly together. As it's been such a mild winter it has made gilets so accessible, plus this dress is pretty thin, so with just a little extra slip dress underneath and added fur I've been as snug as a bug! Alongside my favourite black reversible coach bag, black velvet chocker and studded boots (that are starting to die #RIP). It all makes for a perfect look to go out for that post-Christmas dinner date!

Red Snakeprint Dress - Zara
White Gillet - H&M
Studded Boots - Friis Co.
Black Tote - Coach


Ok yes, you've got me, it's another Lazy Oaf special and which most people I work with are dubbing my cruella dress. The truth is, I used to own a mini jersey dress with little cap sleeves from H&M that I must've bought easily over 10 years ago and worn it to its literal grave. No matter how much I washed the bloody thing it started to get to the point were it always smelt a little musky and had started to go a little more yellow than white in places (barf!). So as much as it pained me to do so she'd had a good run so I had to let her go *multiple sad faces* I thought I'd never come across a similar print again but as luck had it, Lazy Oaf in their latest 'Disruptive' collection pulled an almost identical one out the bag so I HAD to buy it, it was destiny right? It may be long sleeve and longer in length so not an exact copy, but it's a Corker! It has a large tag attached to the back zip which says 'Disruptive' of which I'm not so keen on, but other than that she's perfect! I love teaming her with all the clashy colour print, black and white is always perfect for that, no matter the print, and this is a dream with my red leather jacket, Burberry-esk scarf, studded buckle boots and cream moschino handbag. Not sure where I'd say would be the perfect time to wear this.. so I'm going to say what I'd do, and wear it anywhere!

Dalmatian Print Dress - Lazy Oaf
Scarf - Unknown
Red Leather Jacket - Zara
Boots - Office
Bag - Moschino


Now this may look like a just your ordinary casual jeans meets boots meets red animal print (told you it wouldn't end..), but theres a twist. This top is an absolute dream for a short bodied but high waisted jean lover like myself. Unlike normal tshirts that seem to go on and on and on and on (I could go on..) with endless reams of fabric that you never have enough jean to tuck it all into, this top is thin, short, has little cap sleeves and a mini-high neck, seemless finish and for £12.99? I think its criminal in price and flare for how much confidence it gives me (but don't tell zara that). So flung together with a tight leather jacket and my red CoachXDisney tote, it has the perfect amount of dress up or dress down. Don't ask me where to wear it, I'm going to say anywhere again, because who'd waste such a good outfit to just one occasion!

Red Leopard Top - Zara
Leather Jacket - DKNY
Jeggings - M&S
Boots - Office
Disney Tote - CoachXDisney

Happy New Year!


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