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I prayed one day to get hold of an ASOS box, and tried may times to and failed but THIS October I finally got one and I felt like I achieved climbing the greatest mountain ever!.… What a loser!

So after many requests on Instagram for a review of said box (which I don't really do but there are some big names in this box!) I went ahead and got it done #AnotherTinyBlogWin

Now.. if I'm honest.. with the excitement of realising this box was available to still buy on the site (and even now its still available which I do NOT understand!!) I basically hardly looked at what was inside so when I got it through the post I didn't fully know what I'd bought.. but for £12 it was just a good way of pampering and trialing without the commitment.

The box contained 5 products wrapped purple tissue paper in a white ASOS branded presentation box, with a little pamphlet from ASOS introducing the box, a set of ingredients for one of the products and 5 said miniatures including 2 primers, 1 moisturiser, 1 face mask and 1 hair treatment (perfect for a soothing weekend by the sounds of things!). So when that perfect weekend for a much needed home pamper came round I trialled all the products, and here's what I foundi!

Philip Kingsley ‘Elasticizer’ Pre-shampoo Treatment 40ml

With bath prepped and ready to go I decided to have a soak whilst trying out 2 of the products from the box, and the first HAD to be the pre-shampoo treatment by Philip Kingsley. I'd never heard of a pre-shampoo treatment, and to be honest, with a hectic lifestyle I'm not sure it will be something I could fit in on a regular basis, but this product on the packaging promised to be ‘Super conditioning..’ And …’Add elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine’, and although I already have shiny hair down to my diet (I think), but with donning a half bleached head and naturally flat straight hair - manageability, elasticity, conditioning and bounce are definitely NOT something I have, so I was excited to give this product a run a good run for its money.

The product goes on like a conditioner, but not heavy, more like a shampoo/conditioner hybrid. It glides on easily and is lightly scented, so not overpowering and when I was wearing the product for the full 20 minute treatment I hardly felt like it was there.. it was more the elastic of the shower cap I felt more!

I’ll admit, first impressions weren’t good. After an easy rinse out my hair just felt overly washed with that weird kind of stripped squeaky clean feeling you get with 2 in 1 shampoos and didn’t feel conditioned at all. So I definitely felt like 20 minutes of my life had been wasted. But after my standard shampoo, condition and blow dry instructed on the tube my hair definitely felt a little more lifted and a lot more fly away that usual, I wouldn’t say it was completely reversed from flat as a pancake to backcombed beauty, but there was definitely more life and bounce and a little more manageability. Sadly though it only lasted until my next wash. But I would definitely recommend this to someone with my fine straight hair type, and will definitely be using it before a night out or an event.

Dr.Jart+ ‘Vital Hydra Solution’ Deep Hydration Sheet Mask (1 sheet)

The next product I relaxed for 20 minutes with was the Dr.Jart deep hydration mask, and let me tell you if anyone is going to give this a run for its money yet again.. its me. I have very dry skin and have always been glued to my handy, heavy, cheap and cheerful pot of Nivea Soft, and at this time of year, thats ALWAYS alongside my HUGE pot of aqueous cream (again.. cheap and cheerful) as the eczema on my legs flairs due to the crazy temperature changes. So with grand claims of ‘Protects moisture barrier and helps dry skin’ this sheet mask needed a through once over.

I’d never tried a sheet mask before, but seen them on celebs and they always looked really strange, with people looking like they had an extra skin of some sort! And my first trial of this was no exception. Not only did it look (and I look) strange, it always felt like an overly soaked, slimey, cold face wipe was lying on my face… not the most relaxing feeling, plus it wasn’t the easiest thing to adjust to be totally flat, but maybe it takes practice.

After the full 20 minutes I was shocked to feel that all of the product hadn’t been fully absorbed, but I followed the instructions and removed the masked and patted the rest of the product into my skin until it was all absorbed, and honestly, the results were just a dream. My skin felt smooth and fully moisturised but without a drop of heaviness. I felt like I had completely new skin! And although this mask is expensive to buy normally I would buy again. Plus *whispers* although on the packaging it says to use once, I definitely think its possible to put back in the packaging and use twice!

Origins ‘Ginzing' Energy Boosting Gel Mositurizer 15ml

So after a successful bath time complete with fly away bouncy hair and a smooth face, it was onto a new moisturiser I’d never heard of before by a brand I’d seen before but never trialed. So going back to what I said earlier about the dry skin and sticking to heavy products was what I felt the only thing that worked for me? So yeah, you can imagine I didn’t think a gel was even going to get close to moisturising my skin, but I looked forward to the promise of an ‘enery boost’.

The product consistency was exactly like hair gel but without the stickiness (obviously) and had a moorish smelling of intense orange that was SO addictive to sniff. I used a pea sized amount to start with and the product swept on with ease and was easily absorbed and I didn’t feel I needed to put on anymore so even the small 15ml sample will easily last a while if just used on the face. My skin felt hydrated but not heavy and looked bright and surprisingly looked like it had more energy so it was a real success! And so although I did feel bad for my cowering pot of beloved Nivea Soft in the corner.. I would recommend this product, and although it is expensive off the shelf I hardly needed to use very much so a larger pot will last a long time.

Laura Mercier ‘Radiance’ Foundation Primer 15ml

Now.. onto primers! The only other Laura Mercier product I’ve used previously was the Translucent Loose Setting Powder which is honestly lovely, light and fresh to use and so I had high expectations. Plus with a RRP of £30 for the standard 50ml size and winning the InStyle Best Beauty Award, my expectations were even higher.

The product was light peach tone in colour with a very faint shimmer, not-thick but still had more watery movement and extremely lightly scented with a sort of floral vanilla which was almost hardly noticeable. 2 pea sized amounts were used and it was beautiful in gliding on absorbing instantly to the point you couldn’t even tell it was on. I wouldn’t say the product was moisturising in any way (not that it promised to be) but it definitely created a light barrier and minimised pores for a makeup base, it also felt like it slightly tightened too which was an added bonus!

Vita Liberata ‘Body Blur’ HD Skin Finish 10ml

So last but not least was was the ‘Body Blur’ by Vita Liberata, promising to be an instagram filter in a tube, with promises of ‘minimising blemishes, covering imperfections and smooths.. for a HD-ready skin finish’, so once I wiped my Laura Mercier primer off and re-moisturised I was ready to be filtered!

Now from the get go I did notice the colour ‘latte - medium/dark’ was in the box and being so pale I thought I’d be brave and give it a go, but I was 80% sure it would be wrong for my colouring. The product was smooth and VERY dark in colour when I tested on my hand but as the box said ‘use sparingly’ I thought it was probably fine as it would be spread over a larger area. 

The product was smooth going on and very light in fragrance but I soon noticed the colour was wrong and my instincts were correct, it just ended but making me look overly bronzed or wearing the wrong BB cream for my skin colour and highlighted all my pores which was not a good look. I’d never heard of the brand before, nor the product and so after some googling I realised why the product was so dark as it was from a no sun tanning brand, in which tanning isn’t a pastime of mine! I hope to trial the body blur under my BB cream before I apply bronzer to see if that will mean I use less product, but sadly this wasn’t the right shade for me to fully make a comment on.

So overall Octobers ASOS Most Wanted Box was brilliant for trying some high end new products for a pamper weekend at home without the cost. I’ve done a little math and realised that overall the box in reality costs RRP £40 compared to the £12 ASOS are charging which is a steal so I’m shocked that this hasn’t already sold out! So to get your ASOS Most Wanted Box before they all go or to get any of the products featured in full size click the links below!

Origins ‘Ginzing' Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer 50ml - £31.96
Laura Mercier ‘Radiance’ Foundation Primer 50ml - £30
Vita Liberata ‘Body Blur’ HD Skin Finish 100ml - £37.85


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