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Casual looks are always something I think every fashionista around the world love as they're the easiest way to dress up and be yourself. Dressing up for an event, weddings or work can be fun but sometimes there are too many rules attached. Theres nothing more invigorating than a bucket load of variety, flexibility and experimentation from combining ANYTHING together that your heart desires and seeing what outfit comes of it. 

In my 20 something years experience inhabiting earth, toning down a look has never been one of my strong points and I don't usually turn to anything thats just middle of the road when it comes to casual non-work attire. You'll never see my settle for anything beige in colour or personality, and always in something that gets the likes of Baddie Winkie even just a little bit interested.

Thats why when I was asked for an interview by the lovely people from on my thoughts behind casual wear alongside other Instagrammers, I was more than happy to join in the conversation (and pretty much elated they chose to ask me to be featured!) Heres the full Q&A:

What is One fashion rule you never break? 

Originality. My weekend wardrobe screams pattern, colour, alternative cuts or some kind of studded trim. The devils in the detail as they say, and I always wonder why would you would want to look like everyone else when you can express yourself and create theatre when you walk into a room, just with what you wear.

What interests you in Casual Wear? 

T-shirt dresses and converse trainers are my number 1 go to right now, thrown together with a studded jacket and some crazy shades and I'm ready for the day!

What styling advice would you give to your younger self? 

I'd definitely say dressing to your shape goes a long way. There are photos I look back on of myself and cringe at what I chose to wear just because it was in fashion. Styling around your body shape is underrated and I think people often get caught up in what the trend is right now than what actually looks good on them.

How would you describe a perfect Casual Wear look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this? 

This is such a difficult question as I'll often flex my accessories and textures according to the time of year, but right now for the Spring/Summer months I'd probably say a floaty aline dress in a bold print, leather jacket and a matching handbag (right now it's all about yellow for me!), brightly coloured earrings, a high pony and some birkenstocks. All my bright colours and multiple textures are inspired by multiple people in the fashion and art world, I love Manrepellers individuality and daring fashion pairings, Yayoi Kusama for her beautiful patterns and Kat Maconie for her precise edging, bold colours and textures. The graphic designer background in me is obsessed with perfection which is probably where my colour matching and very sharp fringe come from.

One tip you would like to give to our readers?

Don't ever be afraid to try a new look just because it's daring and doesn't fit societies mould, stay true to you and rock your look with confidence. If people don't like it, it doesn't matter, as they're not wearing it!

You can see the full LookVine article here

What I wore 

Paisley Print Dress - Noisy May (similar here)
Black Hi-top Trainers - Converse
Studded Pink Bag - unknown 
Denim Jacket - ASOS (similar here)
Pink and Rose Gold Sunglasses - Matalan (similar here)
Star Earrings - ASOS


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