Summer lovin' happened so fast | Life and Style

As the nights roll in earlier, days are shorter and summer draws to a close (yes I know it's early to be saying that considering all the crazy hot weather but you can't say you haven't noticed!) I thought I'd bring a together a few blogs of my trip to the US and my favourite summer outfits to brighten the mood a little before Autumn fully sets in.


Exhibitionism - The Rolling Stones | Writing

 Today's blog post comes from my written work as art editor over at Vulture Hound Magazine 

Lets talk The Rolling Stones. Just the name must bring up even the slightest image or connotation to mind, whether it be of a group who’s sound influenced 5 generations 


Challenge accepted - The mantlepiece | Life & Fitness

As many of you already know, supported, advertised or donated to I've been mega off the blogging the last few months for many reasons, and this ones not been the least bit easy.

I've always been one of those people that as soon as I get an idea in my head or get totally obsessed with something I have to follow it through, and when it comes to fitness challenges this year it's been a none stop hit list, and one of the many reasons the blog has fallen off the face of the cliff.. Whilst I've pondered how to climb it..


Style never takes a day off | Life & Style

Hello there, me again!

I know yet again I've been MIA and you've probably forgotten all about me *sobs*, but honestly I've been away for many many good reasons. One which I will share in the coming months which I'm beaming to talk about!! But also because 2 of my 3 major fitness ventures have now drawn to a close.. Giving some time freed up to talk fashion, life and other fancies! 

But for the time being I wanted to draw to a close the last of my snaps of trip to France in February, where we decided to visit the center of Paris and walk round all the usual sites and shops, interspersed with a crepe or two (naturally).


Psychedelic chic | Life & style

Bonjour mes beaux lecteurs! I've got a few more outfit snaps from my antics back in February on my Paris trip, so as not to waste said snaps due to a long break from blogging.. Here they are! This time is pretty short just to show you my latest 70's shirt affair whilst out on a little Parisienne shopping trip.


The place where dreams come true | Life & style

Its another post from my recent Paris trip today, and one from none other than Disneyland Paris! I've been many times before to this magical place where dreams come true, but as you get older it becomes even more nostalgic and for more me its still just as magical.


Ma maison parisienne de la maison | Life & style

Ahhhh Paree. Home to the very essence of style and one that's been my home for the last week. 

As a little early 2016 de-stresser a small group of us decided to make a getaway to gay Paree staying in the Marriot de la village resort next to non-other than Disneyland Paris! If any of you know me personally.. You'll know how much I love those cute Disney critters Mickey and Minnie! (note my new pjs just for the trip) so I've been pretty excited about this holiday from the get go.


‘Exhibitionism’ – The Rolling Stones at The Saatchi Gallery | Writing*

 Today's blog post comes from my writing contributions as art editor for Vulture Hound Magazine


Luxe List January - Part 4* | Style

For my final part of this months Luxe List I'll be looking at European Store Quick Mobile Shop's top 3 smart watches and the alternatives to the beloved Apple watch.


Luxe List January - Part 3* | Style

On this weeks Luxe List I'll be chatting about the hottest mobile phone cases everyone's got their eye one this month, available from top European Store Quick Mobile Shop.


Luxe List January - Part 2* | Style

On today's Luxe List I'll be talking about the cameras and lens' that are making their way into my top 10 available from European Store Quick Mobile Shop.


When life gives you lemons | Life & Style

As 2015 becomes a long distance memory and we start a fresh in 2016 I think over the last year with happiness, satisfaction and mounds of aspiration for things to come. Last year has probably been one of my best years yet and I am truly sad to see it leave. Over the last 365 days I've made great new friends, kept hold some special old ones that have made my life so happy and wholesome (some of them for over 20 years.. You know who you are), made some big life decisions, smashed some personal goals and been challenged both mentally and physically which has included seeing me go from basically a casual gym goer to a health and fitness obsessive.


Luxe List January - Part 1* | Style

Its a new year, new start. So maybe its time to check out this months new tech trends! I starting this months Luxe List top 10 with the latest in the phones market available at Quick Mobile Shop


Stars, stripes and camouflage OOTD in association with* | Style

As you may have already read in one of my recent posts I'm not a huge fan of Christmas, and this year has been no exception especially with the weather being so totally average.

Due to their being not even a sniff of a snowflake or the opposite - a sunbean of heat, I've been thinking about places to visit further a field for a trip away next year to escape the bland weather, and what better place to visit for some fun in the sun than Vegas! What with its location being in the middle of the desert Vegas is still hot during the day in the winter months and warm in the evenings, and actually not as ridiculously unbearable like it is in the summer months - so it's perfect for a Christmas getaway.

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