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Welcome to the last in the series of this months Luxe list. Over the last few weeks I've been searching the latest luxe gadgets and gizmos available on new online European store Quick Mobile Shop's website to bring you my top ten for this month, with this post showcasing my top 4 for December!

 4. Frends Layla Cap

Having already praised the ground this brand walked on in my last post at rank #5, its only natural that they feature again. As mentioned last week the ultra luxe Frends headphones are to die for, and have a huge following with the likes of fashion bloggers Zoella and Fashion Rocks My Socks both adorning their creations. But I think the best part of their range has to be the interchangeable caps available in many different styles for everytype of luxe lusterer! When I saw this particular pair of caps I felt it had to be up there as one of the most stylish. These caps are created with hand poured green resin and rose gold suspended flakes making each cap beautifully one of a kind. They are currently online with 5% off at 47.41€ (£34.97), and when alongside your precious frends headphones, they're probably going to be the best 3497 pennies you've ever spent.

3. Chipolo Bluetooth Location Tracker

At number 3 in my top 10 we have Chipolo, the handy little chip that means you'll never be afraid to loose your things ever again. You simply attach the chip to the item you don't want to loose when is connected via a free app on your phone which handily locates your lost item within a 60 meter range. Also if you're a little more forgetful than the average person you can buy multiple chips all linked to the same account. The chips are also pet free and come in 9 different colours. The only fault with this item I thought of initially was; "what if you lost your phone then the chip is rendered useless". Luckily Chipolo have sorted this by adding a built-in shake feature whereby you shake your chip if you loose your phone and your phone will vibrate, simple! This chip seems to have all bases covered when it comes to loosing your much loved items all at a current price of 19.30€ (£14.21), so its definitely worth that second window shop glance.

2. MIPOW Playbulb

In a close second place we have the MIPOW lightbulb, the lightbulb that bascially makes your home. This is probably one of the most ingenious gadgets I've seen this year - this tiny little tool that most overlook inside their homes has been completely transformed to be the centre of attention. This handy gadget is a colour changing LED light that also doubles up as a built in speaker controlled via app, meaning you can play your music straight from your device and choose the lighting mood to suit. The app that comes free with the lightbulb also has many other handy features, including a colour spectrum meaning you can make your Playbulb flash that perfect jade green to match the rest of your decor. The lightbulb has 4 different colourchanging features, a handy shake mode where you shake your phone to change the bulbs flash colour AND a wake and sleep mode. This lightbulb has it all and hovers around a 60€ mark (£44.17), it isn't cheap but it will change your life as you know it, so can you really put a price on that?

1. MYKRONOZ ZeCircle Swarovski watch

And now for the top product on this months Luxe List (drum roll please), let me introduce you to the super stylish smart watch ZeCircle from MYKRONOZ. Apple watches can move aside with this little genius in town, compatible with IOS, android and windows this watch combines both the chic and the smart. Although not complete with the full apple watch capability, this is the watch for someone who's looking to streamline their digital life in a simple but fashion focused manner. The watch has bluetooth, is ultra thin and has ultra slim weight, a stand-by time of up to 5 days, touch screen display, water resistant and an operating temperature of 20 to +40 degrees, as well as a white band, rose gold style face and is complete with 60 swarovski zirconia crystals. This watch bridges the gap of the more masculine smart watches and turns them into much more feminine pieces to add to your jewellery collection. Not only this but for the price tag of 96.90€ (£71.47) which is cheaper than most designer analog watch's of the same style, its very competative which is the reason this makes the top of my Luxe List this month.

See you next week for the start of January's Luxe List


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