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Ahh Christmas. A time where over indulgence, mass expenditurefrightening January credit card bills, stupidly drunk strangers and crazy amounts of television fill most lives across the globe... oh and just a little festive cheer.

Now don't get me wrong I love all the little chintzy aspects of Christmas - tinsel, glitter, cocktails and catch-ups with friends, dressing up, giving presents and a little bit of Christmas music does me no harm, but I personally find it very hard to comprehend families who devote their entire existence in December to this one day of every year, becoming financially harmed, over weight and sometimes disappointed in the process.

"Hey but actually isn't it just, like, exactly the same as every other day? Just with more food?

Christmas should be a time for the simple things - giving, happiness and above all reduced stress. Not greed, stress, and a HUGE emphasis on getting everything right. Because lets face it we have another 334 (and sometimes a 335) days to get stressed and wound up, so why devote a whole month to that?

As much as not everyone on the planet turns into an annoying drunken swollen santa look-a-like on a sugar come down demanding another mince pie, I do think alot of people try to compete with one another in many aspects of this much loved holiday, in trying to create the-best-Christmas-ever-known-to-mankind-ever-ever-oh-look-how-wonderful-I-am, forgetting about all their life and goals pre-December in wild abandon boo-hooing anyone who may think - "hey but actually isn't it just, like, exactly the same as every other day? Just with more food?"

As much as people have been known to tongue-in-cheek call me The Grinch (usually post taking the mick out of Christmas songs after hearing WAY too many of them), but every year I've got older I've found myself caring a little less about Christmas with each year becoming much happier, healthier and financially stable as my expectations lessen. I always focus less about the idea of creating the mass assumed idea of 'the perfect Christmas', and think of it as just any other day but one where I appreciate those dearest to me for the short period I am away from work, giving them something to brighten their day.

So apologies to all you crazy Christmas people out there, but please this Christmas just remember - think about the smaller things, don't over indulge, don't hate yourself if those pigs in blankets are that little too overdone and that maybe, just maybe some people just aren't totally as Christmas crazy as you, and that's ok too.

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