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As you may or may not already know I'm a bit of a health fanatic and (although sometimes difficult) I do try and make it to the gym at least 4 times a week to maintain my personal well being, health and also size. 

People view my last area of maintenance in many ways. I know personally I do not have a fast enough metabolism or do enough cardio exercise to eat loads of chocolate everyday and get away with it, so I have to exercise and watch my food intake to do that (nor would I actually want to as it makes me feel sluggish, get bad skin, bloat and have all the usual rubbish feelings after eating that kind of stuff constantly). Although that's my choice and my feelings, others may not be the type to care what size they are and eat what they want, with some being on the larger size, some super slim and some deemed as 'average' size. Or maybe they eat healthy just because they want to and stay the same size, or maybe their on a vegan diet for health reasons and are trying desperately to maintain their weight etc etc. The lists of types of people and life choices which concern size are endless.

When I was on my way to work recently I was struck with a mixture of emotions when I read on 'The brief' a daily newsletter by Sheerluxe - and the recent decision by the UK government to investigate and condone a potential ban on certain sized models to walk the fashion catwalks. At first I was pleased that maybe we'd start seeing a realistic representation of women and not spotlighting the small percentage that are slim, long legged and thin. But another part of me started to consider what is a 'normal' representation of woman and size.

Sure from looking outside in there are women on the catwalk that are unhealthily thin and there have been cases of catwalk models suffering from eating disorders and sadly dying; case in point Isabelle Caro and Ana Carolina Reston, both dying from problems arising from anorexia. But there are also women who do this job that ARE healthy and just have the right genetic makeup the industry is asking for, One example being fitness fanatic model Renee Sommerfield from the controversially famous Protein World "Be beach body ready" ads. So when I read that the models would be judged based on their BMI I was totally stunned and outraged.

The guardian's article from which SheerLuxe sourced stated that French and Spainish governments were already banning models of a certain BMI being hired, and that the UK would investigate and possibly follow suit after an out pore of concern from a 30,000 signatured petition;

"In April, France passed a law preventing models with a BMI of less than 18 being hired, meaning a 5ft10in woman must weigh at least 8.9 stones. Designers and agencies found to be breaking the law can face a fine or a six-month prison sentence. The World Health Organisation guidelines state an adult with a BMI below 18 is considered malnourished, and 17 severely malnourished. The average model has a BMI of 16."

"Spain already bars models with a BMI below 18 from taking part in Madrid fashion shows, and models on Italian catwalks must show health certificates under a self-regulation code."

Petition owner and model Rosie Nelson who started the petition in order to crack down on the industry that condone models slim down (in her case "to the bone") also agrees BMI is the wrong method in doing so.

BMI is a measurement used to calculate how you fit in with the average size via information pooled from the general population, similar you could say to the way a national average of clothing sizes is calculated. This one size fits all method in no way account for extremes in height or muscle mass. So someone of normal high but with large amounts of muscle but whom are super fit (say a rugby player) can be deemed as overweight/obese according to BMI scale, as are people who are super tall and healthy (say case in point catwalk models) who're deemed as malnourished/too thin according to BMI.

I am also one of these people who fit into this BMI fault category, although I won't disclose my weight/height/measurements or percentages, All I will say is that as a keen muscle training fanatic and (although not ripped) I do have a fair amount of muscle so although my body fat in the normal range because of my muscle weight I am deemed as someone on the verge of tipping into the 'overweight' category of BMI. Now not to big myself up but from looking at these snaps of me recently this summer, I'd be inclined to say that this alone proves BMI is slightly miss-construed?

Any nutritionist will tell you extremes in fat both internal and external is the thing to look out for as a health indicator, with too much or too little being dangerous to your vital organs. A factor BMI and weight alone does not account for. On top of this for the government to potentially penalize the models and not the client/agency hiring these models and condoning these sizes using this discriminatory ricketier scale, although probably effective in the long term to shock the industry into change will ruin people lives, and in some cases through no fault of their own.

So overall I'm with Rosie on this one; BMI is probably the worst measure to deem if these people are unhealthy. I can't speak for all women on the catwalk, but some of these people are naturally built like this and as long as they are condoning a healthy lifestyle, why can't they just do their job?



Bathroom scale with body fat %, body water % and BMI measuring capabilities - Salter
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Foam roller - 'The beast' by More mile via TK Maxx 

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