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Ever since I was young I've always been conscious of my size, with my weight (non-drastically may I add) varying over the course of my life, like every other person on this planet. Sometimes I'd be slim and sometimes overweight, and when I got to my last year of university I decided I wanted to take control and be the size I wanted to be.

As a very driven person I made sure I got there, and I'm not going to lie it was HARD. But this post highlights the reasons I got there for all the wrong reasons.

Look at the woman below, how much do you think she weighs?

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I'm pretty sure if you are reading this you'll be astonished to know that at 5 ft 5" her weight is 10st 3lb in this image, and I'm also pretty sure you may have guessed lower right (unless you're a budding fitness addict who knows ALOT about muscle)?

Since reading an inspiring article written by woman in question Becca Borawski Jenkins a strength, conditioning and martial arts coach about her size through different types of training, it's made me realise how un-educated people are about weight (myself included) and how much they base their size and life so much around this magic number.

Since yo-yoing post-uni slim days it's not until very recently that I caught the weight training bug, overhauling my diet and gotten motivated as well as educated in body composition and fitness, which has changed my whole concept of weight-loss and that number on the scale.

I'm sure in this day and age where fitspiration is at large you've probably been bombarded with more fitness quotes, diet regimes and images of muscle clad woman than you've had hot dinners, but seriously take it from me if you're reading this as a scales addict - that number on the scale you may obsess over has no reflection on any of your other many more fundamental things your body is made up of that you NEED to care for. As soon as you take that in and stop shying away from that idea is when you'll start making real progress with a lifestyle you can stick to, not like all those throw away diets. The same ones that caused me to get slim the wrong way in the first place and yo-yo and struggle thereafter.

The countless amounts of times people (mainly women) have stared at me lifting weights in the gym or told me if I keep going I'll be the next Jodie Marsh or said that having 40% of my macros as protein will rot my bowels and I'll be hospitalised have been endless. I'm sure all these people may have my best interests at heart, but I'm still alive from my lifestyle, feeling better than EVER and as of this week I lost another 1% in body fat (you know that yellow stuff around your organs that could kinda kill you).. So I think I'll stick to what I'm doing.

I've already touched upon the idea of BMI and my own body fat in my last article, but with 1 in every 5 children ages between 10 & 11 deemed obese in the UK I do genuinely think the teachings of human chemistry and body composition related to weight should be taught within PE classes in schools. So that young people can understand what their body is made up of and not fall into the trap I did at the end of uni, and above all not just be shoved within a set government scale based guideline. Sure it's a starting point to tackling obesity, but it is still a 'guide'.

So think of Becca Borawski Jenkins next time stepping on those 'faithful' bathroom scales. Forget the number and think - would I rather be slim and un-healthy or strong and fit?


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  1. I haven't been on a scale for years. I can't even remember what it felt like the last time.



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