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I already started mentioning this before in my last blog post about LFW, but I really hate being told what to wear and how to wear things, not that anyone goes around wagging their finger and scribbling on their clipboard at me - but I mean from the fashion critics each season. I choose items every season that I like and ditch the rest that I hate or the ones that will never suit me. I really only buy items when I think they're original pieces, I will get a lot of wear from them or that they will stand the test of time and near enough 9 times out of 10 I always get compliments on things that are that little bit different or extra special, regardless of if it's 'so 2014'.

Throughout my life I've had some very different senses of dress, which I'm not afraid to admit branched from surfer chick chic to a more 'emo' embrace, but from this information you can hardly say I wasn't into the trend of the time.
I suppose in many ways I was probably trying to just gather my bearings on what my personal sense of style is and like every fashion season you always see after a long enough time that the same loop of trends have come back round having been reinvented again and again. No those statement butterfly backed earrings are NOT new, neither are jeggings, and those multi-coloured metallics? Please.

Although I love to be in fashion and 'down with the kids', this is where I feel many young women, grown women and super fashionistas alike slip-up, literally leaping into each and every trend with abandon, never making something truly their own and beating themselves up when their body-shape doesn't suit that bodycon dress, or why their face doesn't look great under those Alexa Chung endorsed cat-eye sunnies.

Fast forward to my style in 2015 and I'd definitely say it's more of a mix of new and old with anything from charity shop to Net a porter being mashed together, a fashion phenomenon their calling high/low dressing (one that was spoken about in this weeks Stylist). This style of dressing is very versatile and original, and the kind where I get many compliments from (many coming from my grey poncho and scarf combo pictured which I love).

What I'm getting at here is that the most comfortable I've ever been in my own wardrobe is now - where I finally feel happy wearing every item in there, and choosing which one to dress in is now the only challenge.


What I wore
Black leather boots - Newlook
Black treggings - Forever 21
Polka dot oversized shirt - M&S via Charity shop
Tartan scarf - Boutique
grey and stripe poncho jacket - Minuet via Charity Shop
Handbag - Vintage

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