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For anyone that knows me you'll know that I like stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff makes me happy. Period. I'm currently standing at a total of 11 body lotions (why I don't know), 24 perfumes, a stupid 88 nail polishes and 57 magazines (including all 14 issues of 'Love' Magazine and each one is practically a forest on its own) to be precise.

Now I'm never one to get overly passionate about the idea of minimising my personal waste footprint, although oddly my desk at work is pretty minimalist with everything I use for work mainly digital, and a desk of re-usable items all put in their place via oversight from my OCD controlled mind. But overall I'm the kind of person who L-O-V-E-S shopping, every form of chic packaging, keeping tickets for my stub box and just like you I go to the supermarket and buy items that come in a plastic, card or tin container.

Since recently reading about Laura Singer, the NYC girl living in small apart changing her entire way of life to go practically waste free, is footprintless and has the ability to fit 2 years of waste into a mason jar I've found totally inspiring and makes the rest of us look like wasteful, careless convienience grabbing slobs!

Laura's lifestyle is pretty extreme, and as you can tell from these photos of my said 11 body lotions, 24 perfumes, 88 nail polishes and 14 of the 57 magazines, it would achievable but hard for me to completely switch off the lifestyle I've built, one that I think most people would find difficult which makes Laura's way of life pretty commendable. 

With the UK's waste generation in 2012 set at 200 million tonnes with 14% of this contributed by household waste (a staggering 28 million tonnes), and 26.1% of this overall amount not able to be recovered and going straight to landfill, its no wonder people like Laura are so passionate about this cause.

Now you may think this is a little 'deep' for a little fashion and lifestyle blog on the internet, but there's another light hearted and fulfilling concept within this discussion that's a little more approachable than 28 million tonnes of waste. The idea of 'setting your mind to it' (a saying that your parents would probably echo to you up the stairs in the midst of your exams) - can putting discipline and drive into anything in your life create an achievement, just like Laura did?

I started to think about all the things that I may have wanted to achieve in my life no matter how big or small, and disseminated all the ones I achieved and the ones I didn't and studied why each of those cases ended that way. Other than goals where I didn't have enough money to engage or other major commitments like a job which could not be left - stopping said goal, each and every major achievement I've ever made has been because of my mindset and setting discipline. Things on my achievement list include my amazing career and job, weight loss goals, my degree, journalism for magazines, healthy eating, completing my first 10K, drinking more water, creating this blog and surrounding myself with people I know value me (an area I spoke about in my last post).

Luckily I am fortunate that I'm quite a driven person at heart, so recognising when I'm falling off the wagon or that I need more discipline in order to achieve something is most of the time easy for me to spot, and although it may take some time to get to disciplining myself I do eventually get there. But for others who aren't as motivated it can be tough to achieve your goals.

The point of this post is more than just the idea of being less wasteful (although if your waste footprint is what you want your focus to be then that's great!), my small bit of market research on myself has shown me how the ability to speak to yourself and recognise what you want, and make the necessary plan and leaps to get there is wholly possible for anyone, and has been a major contributed to the success I now have with the things I care about. It might be tough and you may have to try a few times but with true desire and determination you can reach any goal you want.

So is your final goal just waiting for your mindset?


What I wore:
Orange and grey stripe dress - Vila
Gold circle necklace - Primark
Black round 'Nancy' glasses - London Retro via Glasses Direct

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