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I'm currently sitting in the car on the B1040 on the way to Nottingham with my other half in one of the many trips we've done across the country in recent weeks, hosting an outrageously annoying cold and harbouring enough tissue to create my own mini forest - sounds pretty glamorous right? I've been sitting here for a couple of hours and it's been the perfect situation to ponder the usual mixture of life events, calendar dates, new friendships, family updates, vlogs and finally my slice of the internet that is Thoughts of a Shell; and something has become quite apparent.

I've realised in the grand span of things I've achieved and experienced in my life over the last 6 years Thoughts of a Shell has been a real constant, but not an area where I feel I've expressed enough of my real opinion on the things that inspire, entertain and make me happy the most. Sure I still love fashion and beauty products reviews and hauls like every other girl who blogs, but I don't feel I've shown you the true Michelle OR expressed my full gut opinion on things that really matter to me; like why I style an outfit a certain way, who I've been inspired by in recent months, what I've seen in the last 2000 miles that have been racked up in my car this Summer or why my love affair for cous cous and chin ups is still a constant that's now branching into obsession.

I've experienced some great things, met some amazing friends old and new, filled my wardrobe with mounds of inspiration and made meaningful memories in the short while I've been on this planet, and I want to share with you all! Although I won't be mentioning my life in the office and I probably don't have the super glamorous luxury lifestyle some may bloggers may lead, but I'm still taking a leap of faith into the world of honest reality and opinion based writing to show you around my world.

Check back every Sunday for new rambles on the life, loves and opinions of a little Shell living in London.

Deep breath!


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