Born Pretty Store Review #3 | Featuring fine nail glitter*

Hi Everyone! I'm back again with another Born Pretty Store nail art review. Although this is a very Christmasy look and we are well and truly through with Christmas now, it still looks mega chic, subtle and will go with all those pastels, whites and metallics around for SS15, so this look is still pretty fitting. Plus, since the heavy use of black from my last review, I thought it might be nice to go the other end of the spectrum today with a nice dose of white. 

Nail glitter has always tough both to use and dispose of and this product doesn't get any tougher to be honest, but once you've pushed through the trials and tribulations you'll definitely want it to stick around. You could apply this to all nails, to your ring finger like I have OR if you really want to give yourself a hard time to the tips.

After the usual file, buff and prime, I first applied my usual dose of clear Sensationail gel polish to all nails apart from my ring finger, and a further second coat to finish them off (with my nails looking this good naturally, I thought why cover them with polish!). Then with the sticky layer from the primer still intact on my ring finger I piled on the glitter and used my first coat of gel to stick this on. After a 60 second cure I added more glitter to any areas I felt were patchy and added the last coat of gel and cured once more.

This is quite a fast and easy tutorial that has a really chic final look that really catches the light due to the super fine texture of the glitter. All I will say is although the glitter is beautifully fine due to its rectangular shape, it can be tricky to maneuver and also difficult to prevent from creating tiny spiky edges out of your nails once cured. Other than that I would say definitely try this product it'll be well worth the hassle, and for £1.32 a pot its not really worth worrying about.

I give this product 5 shells out of 5!

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Products I used
Fine rectangle white nail glitter #022 - Born Pretty Store

Clear gel polish - Sensationail

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(All Images taken by myself and additional design added via Photoshop)

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