Born Pretty Store Review #2 | Featuring quick dry nail art pens*

Hi Everyone! I've been a little busy as of late and therefore a tad off the radar.. but I'm glad to be back with a bang alongside the Born Pretty Store once more! (Plus with a funky new 90s look to the blog, I hope you approve?)

Anyway on to the products! I will be reviewing a few different Born Pretty nail products throughout the coming weeks but today I'm going to start with the fast drying black nail art pen*. I've always loved the nail art designs and creative ideas people come up with whilst using these pens, but for some reason I've never as far as to buying one a doodling myself.


For this review (and as my first time using these pens) I decided to do an easy manicure but with black tips, a sleek look I think goes with any outfit. This was achieved with 1 layer of clear gel polish as a base followed by the tips drawn with the black nail art pen, and then a final layer of clear polish to set.

Once I prepped my nails and applied my gel in the usual way, I started to draw with the pen around the outline of the whites of my nails and then filled in the rest. When I started applying I have a few problems of figuring out how to make more of the colour run out as it started out more of a grey shade. I soon realised after a bit of amateur tampering (and finally spotting the hint on the label) that if you press down on the pen nib the colour runs out more, making for the perfect application. I also found a few problems again initially with the pen clogging but I really put that down to a first time use and it needing to get the product flowing, like an pen.

The product dried quickly as promised, but I found if you put too much on the product can separate whilst drying but it was nothing a tiny touch up couldn't fix! Once applied (with greater difficulty on my right hand than my left) I added a final coat of gel over the top and round the edge of the tips to seal the deal.

Overall I think the pens create the ultra chic look I was after really easily, without the faff of an old school masking tape and black nail vanish job, and I may even purchase some of the other colours to mix this style up now and again.

I give this product 4 shells out of 5!

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Products I used

Quick dry nail art pen* - Born Pretty Store
Clear gel polish - Sensationail

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(All Images taken by myself and additional design added via Photoshop and Afterlight)

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