Another planet with Born Pretty Store* | Beauty & Style

This Sunday I planned on doing a beauty and style combo for this post of how I'd wear Born Pretty Store's (BPS) latest glitter galaxy decals with the latest on the mystical fashion market. But instead it's just more of another quick fire style post.


But is it the most wonderful time of the year? | Life

Ahh Christmas. A time where over indulgence, mass expenditurefrightening January credit card bills, stupidly drunk strangers and crazy amounts of television fill most lives across the globe... oh and just a little festive cheer.


Show your support with* | Style

Ahh the humble bra. Lacey, sequinned, long-line, strappy, patterned, cut away - The list of choice for this humble (and for most) daily worn item is endless. So really It's a shame that we sometimes spend a significant chunk of money on our underwear and then never get to flaunt it unless to loved ones.. until now.


How not to be a 'Fashionista' | Style & Life

I already started mentioning this before in my last blog post about LFW, but I really hate being told what to wear and how to wear things, not that anyone goes around wagging their finger and scribbling on their clipboard at me - but I mean from the fashion critics each season. I choose items every season that I like and ditch the rest that I hate or the ones that will never suit me. I really only buy items when I think they're original pieces, I will get a lot of wear from them or that they will stand the test of time and near enough 9 times out of 10 I always get compliments on things that are that little bit different or extra special, regardless of if it's 'so 2014'.


Big announcement | Life

This week I'm not talking about fashion, BMI, carbon footprints or relationships as per usual, I wanted to talk instead about my latest endeavour writing back at Vulture Hound Magazine


The world is your oyster in association with Spottster | Style

Being such an avid ASOS user I've never really been one to use any other app/website to shop with, as I find ASOS provides me with almost all of my shopping needs (other than when I casually go on a quick high street shopping spree on my lunch break because I just fancy it). 

I don't know about you but I also find it terribly inconvenient and tedious having multiple accounts to juggle across many different sites and mediums (yes I know what a first world problem). It just creates a new headache when shopping for deals, and its SO much better when everything is all in one place doing all the leg-work for you.


LFW - My say | Style & Inspiration

Ahh fashion week. The 'glitz' - The 'glamour' - and The latest in this seasons trends. Or for me it was more The panic - The rush - and The dissemination through this seasons trends and the pieces in collections I'd actually want to wear.

My idea of fashion is not the same as others. The last 7 or so years I've never really swayed in what I wear, if it doesn't suit me it doesn't make it to my wardrobe.. Well.. bar a few naive test runs just to make sure I haven't been missing out on those dropped waists or super short shorts, And trust me when I say every time I've found.. I'm really not missing out.


What a waste | Thoughts & Inspiration

For anyone that knows me you'll know that I like stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff makes me happy. Period. I'm currently standing at a total of 11 body lotions (why I don't know), 24 perfumes, a stupid 88 nail polishes and 57 magazines (including all 14 issues of 'Love' Magazine and each one is practically a forest on its own) to be precise.

Now I'm never one to get overly passionate about the idea of minimising my personal waste footprint, although oddly my desk at work is pretty minimalist with everything I use for work mainly digital, and a desk of re-usable items all put in their place via oversight from my OCD controlled mind. But overall I'm the kind of person who L-O-V-E-S shopping, every form of chic packaging, keeping tickets for my stub box and just like you I go to the supermarket and buy items that come in a plastic, card or tin container.


The perfect relationship | Thoughts & Style

During a visit to one pretty seaside location and another pretty countryside location, 2 couples met in what was to be the joining in hands and lives to each other. I was blessed to have been one of the few chosen to witness these occasions with both being such intimate events, and also to meet some really lovely people who I would genuinely say I can see become personal friends and not just acquaintances (plus I got to dress up in this very doll-like structured green metallic dress - now who wouldn't be happy).


The REAL me | Thoughts

I'm currently sitting in the car on the B1040 on the way to Nottingham with my other half in one of the many trips we've done across the country in recent weeks, hosting an outrageously annoying cold and harbouring enough tissue to create my own mini forest - sounds pretty glamorous right? I've been sitting here for a couple of hours and it's been the perfect situation to ponder the usual mixture of life events, calendar dates, new friendships, family updates, vlogs and finally my slice of the internet that is Thoughts of a Shell; and something has become quite apparent.

F I E S T A S T Y L I S T A | Outfit

I'm sure a lot of you will have already seen this competition either dotted around Instagram feeds, in Facebook posts or advertised in Londons top free female lifestyle paper 'Stylist', and although this competition is pretty much over I wanted to share with you my last minute outfit entry and also my little trip to Europe's largest man made beach!

F A S H I O N F R E E Z E | Outfit

When I saw recently that my favourite healthy dessert of choice Yoo Moo were running a little fashion competition over on their Instagram, I couldn't resist a little snap and hashtag, especially when this little number was so fitting!


P A C K I N G F O R B A R C E L O N A | Haul

Hi everyone, I've got another haul for you again featuring all the lovely things coming with me on my trip to Barcelona! I filmed this a while ago and have already been and returned from my Spanish most people, life got in the way of editing and blogging.


B I R T H D A Y # 2 6 | Haul

Although its been super duper busy for me recently, I've finally got down to editing and uploading my Birthday haul featuring a little selection of gifts I received this year to 'celebrate' my new age of 26.


L A C E & F L O R A L S | Review*

Ahh the summer with its mint mojitos, fashion florals, Mr.Whippys, delightful heat and accompanying light breeze (well thats how I see British summer in my head anyway..). Its the time of year where colours and patterns are seen AND heard and where hands as fingers as well as toes are painted and prepped for every occasion, which brings me onto the reason of this post! I thought I'd save this cute little decal treat from the lovely people at the Born Pretty Store for the Summer time as its the perfect little extra to adorn your nail art for those after work June cocktails with the girls, that pretty in pink July wedding attire or last minute August beach weekend. 


My Favourite Local Hangout | in association with Eventbrite*

Most foodie hangouts in London that are delicious, popular, and not crazily crowded are quite hard to come by, unless your a local and know all those secret amazing hideaways. As part of Eventbrites' latest campaign 'homehunt' whereby a mixture of food, lifestyle and other bloggers share their favourite places, I thought I'd join in and share my favourite foodie place, as this local love is one of the best Sushi hangouts in London that every Japanese cuisine lover should visit, as its not something you may look twice at when passing by.


A Boho Birthday | OOTD

Recently I ventured back to the sleepy suburbs of Essex to celebrate my Grandads' 80th Birthday. As the weather was super sunny, my Grandparents' garden was looking particularly wonderful and obviously I dressed up for the occasion, I couldn't resist snapping my outfit for the blog!


The Generic Christmas Haul 2014 | featuring Clarisonic, Marc Jacobs and Happy Hippos!

Although this is a SUPER belated Christmas haul I'd still like to share it as lets be honest, there's no time limit on presents and product ideas for family and friends (or yourself of course!) Enjoy!



Bold Prints & Big Brims | OOTD

I am pleased to announce my return to the blogasphere! I'm sure you didn't miss me much haha! But its been a while since my last post so I thought I'd jump back into the swing of things with a little outfit post featuring some of my new wardrobe for SS15! I know I keep saying this but there will be two VERY big hauls to come so stay tuned for that!


Born Pretty Store Review #3 | Featuring fine nail glitter*

Hi Everyone! I'm back again with another Born Pretty Store nail art review. Although this is a very Christmasy look and we are well and truly through with Christmas now, it still looks mega chic, subtle and will go with all those pastels, whites and metallics around for SS15, so this look is still pretty fitting. Plus, since the heavy use of black from my last review, I thought it might be nice to go the other end of the spectrum today with a nice dose of white. 


OOTD #1 | with Little Miracles*

Here are the snaps from my latest YouTube video featuring my favourite slim line drink - Little Miracles*! I had so much fun with my purple, pink and metallic themed outfit to match my favourite cherry flavoured drink (that has added white tea, ginseng, acai and agave don't you know!). Me and the better half then (scarily for me) 'flew' over to the O2 for a spot of less-than-slimline FiveGuys!


Born Pretty Store Review #2 | Featuring quick dry nail art pens*

Hi Everyone! I've been a little busy as of late and therefore a tad off the radar.. but I'm glad to be back with a bang alongside the Born Pretty Store once more! (Plus with a funky new 90s look to the blog, I hope you approve?)

Anyway on to the products! I will be reviewing a few different Born Pretty nail products throughout the coming weeks but today I'm going to start with the fast drying black nail art pen*. I've always loved the nail art designs and creative ideas people come up with whilst using these pens, but for some reason I've never as far as to buying one a doodling myself.


Accessorise yourself | Body Jewellery Shop Review*

Just like my lipsticks, perfumes and the rest of my jewellery collection I'm always on the look out for good quality products that I can trust, which to me is an important factor if I'm going to invest a lot of money into something and go back time and time again.

When I heard about the Body Jewellery Shop and their wide selection of unique ear piercing products they had to offer I couldn't wait to try them out!


The Cats Meow! | Spooky Eyes Review*

Whether it be colourful hair choices, super twee vintage scarfs or my well-known love of hats, I've always been one to experiment with my looks over the years.

When I discovered the Spooky Eyes range of products and being an avid contacts wearer myself, I though it would be fun to trial out their vast range of semi-permanent eyewear products to see how I'd look with a change in eye colour!


Somewhere along the line | OOTD

I've been gushing over longline knits this season. They're the perfect way to take a staple wardrobe piece and create a completely new layering style idea just by adding a drastic change in length. I've also been obsessed with cooler shades recently, which I'm sure will feature heavily on the blog in the near future.


Bodeans, Burgers and Big Prints | OOTD

A month or so before Christmas (and possibly the busiest time to venture into London for food with pals), my friends and I decided to checkout the well-known London delight that is Bodeans Griddle, where my pre-Christmas diet was firmly on hold.

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