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If you've followed my blog for a while (and checked out either my instagram, twitter or facebook), you'll know I like to keep fit, and that minus the odd weekend treat (or two *cough*) I like to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

When Bimuno Prebiotics contacted me asking to review their new IMMUNAID product, I jumped at the chance. The product has an interesting take on aiding the immune system, turning the idea of gut bacteria on its head. Unlike other products the pastels (taken once a day) feed pre-exsiting bacteria in the gut and helping them thrive, instead of topping up the gut with new bacteria.

The capsules are simple to use and remind me a lot of my school days when the hey day of Calpol and chewy vitamins were all the rage. Unfortunately these capsules didn't really taste as good as those school days and I was a bit confusing as to why you would make a product 'chewable' and then not make them pleasant?

Anyway, once past the initial chewing stage (mainly alongside my breakfast as suggested on the packaging), I waited. Testing the product for 4 weeks to see if I felt any difference or recorded any noticeable changes.

The only 2 things I noticed was that recently a cold had been going around and I noticed it had started to take a grip over me so I was praying for it to go considering the fast approach of Christmas. Unfortunately my use of the pastilles didn't make me invincible and I got the dreaded cold. Although I was sadly ill, a good thing I noticed was that (when I wasn't bed ridden) I seemed to be a lot brighter and more awake in the mornings since taking the pastilles.

Its quite hard to tell with a product like this whether these bright awakenings is all down to the immune system boosting effects. But if taking a small supplement every morning makes me feel brighter and more awake without the need for a dose of Starbucks, Im sold!

I give this product 3 shells out of 5!


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IMMUNAID - Immune system Boost by Bimuno

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