Born Pretty Store Review I Featuring Colour Changing Nail Gel* & Shell Studs*

The lovely people down at the Born Pretty Store contacted me asking if I would review a selection of their nail products. I had honestly never heard of their company before but from viewing their website I quickly realised that they were one of those hidden internet gems, with their site selling every nail art brush, pen, polish, gel, gem and decal (the list could go on) under the sun. Not to mention a selection of other products.


Bimuno products* I IMMUNAID review

If you've followed my blog for a while (and checked out either my instagram, twitter or facebook), you'll know I like to keep fit, and that minus the odd weekend treat (or two *cough*) I like to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

When Bimuno Prebiotics contacted me asking to review their new IMMUNAID product, I jumped at the chance. The product has an interesting take on aiding the immune system, turning the idea of gut bacteria on its head. Unlike other products the pastels (taken once a day) feed pre-exsiting bacteria in the gut and helping them thrive, instead of topping up the gut with new bacteria.


Jaded OOTD I with*

When I think of Christmas and New year (whilst being a bit of a magpie) I think of the sparkle, with jewelry, accessories and embellishment vital for finalising this 'once a year' outfit to make it a little more than just the usual black evening attire.


Hiatus I The Update

I just wanted to give all my lovely readers a little update on my current hiatus.

Unfortunately due to little computer fault I haven't been able to finalise any imagery to the standard I usually post, which is why I've been offline for a while. I had hoped my issues would be fixed a while ago but unfortunately these things take time.

I do plan on posting in the next few days (possibly without my less than polished standards) with a few fun reviews and outfits. But If you're looking for a bit of entertainment while you wait check out my Instagram or Twitter accounts where I post most days with the tabs above.

Brb! x


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