Gone Fisson I Fuse Gelnamel Review

Most of you will have spotted by now from either Instagram pictures or reviews that I am the proud owner of a UV gel nail kit, which has changed styling my hands and feet forever. I purchased the Sensational gel start kit a while back but since coming onto the market Sensational have expanded and started to provide a new brand of gel's in their entitled 'Fuse' range.

The only havoc that all you gel nail wearers out there will know that its not the setting of the polish that takes the time like traditional nail polishes, is the prepping and ultimately layering that takes the time. The beauty of 'Fuse' is that with whatever colour you choose it does not need a base or top coat and so takes half the time to apply, and with time always being of the essence during my hectic weeks schedule I had to trial this.

Choosing a light pale pink with a small bit of sparkle off the shelf to opening the bottle and ending up with a clear polish with a lot of dense pink and green glitter is not always a great start when you've paid £15 for a polish you thought was the opposite to what you got. Its confusing because the image online suggest that I received my colour in the wrong container so it could've been a factory slip up. But we soldier on..

Prepping the nails with the usual file, shape, buff and gel cleanser application to ensure the nail is clean, I then applied my colour straight on, flash dried for 60 seconds then did the same application again for denser colour, flash dried for 60 seconds and the finished with the cleanser and I was done! I was amazed at how much quicker the whole process was, for the same price and with more in a bottle than the normal sensational bottles, PLUS you're cutting out the top coat middle man so saving time and money again.

The only issue I found with this product is that if you apply too much you create the added chance of the gel being raised enough so that it can get caught on something and come off, and with my usual Sensationail I found this would cause minor chipping. With Fuse Gelnamel I found in some cases that the gel didn't have any grip to the nail and would come off in one piece just like a false nail. Since testing this I have found after the cleanser application to use the Sensationail 'gel primer' to add the much needed sticky layer which has since solved this issue.

Another thing I have noticed with this product is that the consistency is quick thick (which must be something to do with removing the base and top coat application in the traditional gel application) so at times its quite hard to control. I found adding a small amount and then building is the key to controlling the amount and placement on the nail.

Although I had a few small nicks with the Fuse collection, overall I would definitely buy the product again as its saved me so much time and money overall. Plus the colour's in the serious are amazing!


What products I used
Fuse gelnamel in 'Gone Fisson' - Boots

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