Gone Fisson I Fuse Gelnamel Review

Most of you will have spotted by now from either Instagram pictures or reviews that I am the proud owner of a UV gel nail kit, which has changed styling my hands and feet forever. I purchased the Sensational gel start kit a while back but since coming onto the market Sensational have expanded and started to provide a new brand of gel's in their entitled 'Fuse' range.

The only havoc that all you gel nail wearers out there will know that its not the setting of the polish that takes the time like traditional nail polishes, is the prepping and ultimately layering that takes the time. The beauty of 'Fuse' is that with whatever colour you choose it does not need a base or top coat and so takes half the time to apply, and with time always being of the essence during my hectic weeks schedule I had to trial this.

Choosing a light pale pink with a small bit of sparkle off the shelf to opening the bottle and ending up with a clear polish with a lot of dense pink and green glitter is not always a great start when you've paid £15 for a polish you thought was the opposite to what you got. Its confusing because the image online suggest that I received my colour in the wrong container so it could've been a factory slip up. But we soldier on..

Prepping the nails with the usual file, shape, buff and gel cleanser application to ensure the nail is clean, I then applied my colour straight on, flash dried for 60 seconds then did the same application again for denser colour, flash dried for 60 seconds and the finished with the cleanser and I was done! I was amazed at how much quicker the whole process was, for the same price and with more in a bottle than the normal sensational bottles, PLUS you're cutting out the top coat middle man so saving time and money again.

The only issue I found with this product is that if you apply too much you create the added chance of the gel being raised enough so that it can get caught on something and come off, and with my usual Sensationail I found this would cause minor chipping. With Fuse Gelnamel I found in some cases that the gel didn't have any grip to the nail and would come off in one piece just like a false nail. Since testing this I have found after the cleanser application to use the Sensationail 'gel primer' to add the much needed sticky layer which has since solved this issue.

Another thing I have noticed with this product is that the consistency is quick thick (which must be something to do with removing the base and top coat application in the traditional gel application) so at times its quite hard to control. I found adding a small amount and then building is the key to controlling the amount and placement on the nail.

Although I had a few small nicks with the Fuse collection, overall I would definitely buy the product again as its saved me so much time and money overall. Plus the colour's in the serious are amazing!


What products I used
Fuse gelnamel in 'Gone Fisson' - Boots

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The Super Belated Birthday Haul* I featuring Thomas Sabo, Oliver Bonas and Mememe Cosmetics

Although its been a good 4 months and several other friends birthdays later.. I have now finally got round to writing my little birthday haul to celebrate my crazy 25th milestone (how did that age come round so quickly!?)

Anyway, I wanted to give a few things that I was lovingly gifted from friends and family a little mention, and possibly give you a few mini reviews/more insight on some of the products if you are looking to buy them for yourself, or perhaps looking for Christmas present ideas! (there's only 67 days left you know!)

The first 2 gifts pictured above were from my friend and fellower blogger Becky from This Crafternoon. She's one of my friends thats crazily good at themed gifting and is always on the money with what I love most.. one of those being Shell's! These super twee Oliver Bonas shell stud earrings with dangly faux pearls are my current favourites to wear, and as they're about 2 cm squared they're big enough to be a statement piece, but not too big that they overpower an outfit so I've found them perfect for both day or night wear. I also received a very intricate mini notepad with shell illustrations on the cover and on the pages inside (which I have yet to deface because its just a little too nice!)

The next 2 little gifts that I was given as part of my overall present parcel from good friend and fellow sidekick Cassie, was a body shimmer and a highlighter, both pretty pink shades. The Nougat body shimmer first off (to give a mini review) is really dainty with fine glitter so its perfect for every occasion to give that little bit of extra luxury. The Mememe highlighter is an ultra feminine light pink in colour and quite subtle, so you need to use alot in comparison to my experience of Benefit's 'High Beam' to get that full on 'cheek bone raised' effect, which although at times annoying, it really just gives the product more versatility when applying makeup so you're more in control for day or night.

The last few gifts I'm going to share was my main present from my mum, dad, brother and my brothers girlfriend Sabina. It had been discussed prior to my birthday that I really wanted a charm bracelet and I seemed to have been hoarding charm booklets all over my flat in the months leading up to my birthday in order to focus on one brand that I felt was best!

The reason why I chose Thomas Sabo over the mainstream brand Pandora is basically because the charms and whole execution of the bracelets are just very chic, stylish and a lot more grown up. I still like the Pandora charms and obviously with being an international company theres alot more to choose from, but I think Thomas Sabo charms overall have alot more character. I was gifted the latest silver bracelet in their collection and rose quartz charm from my brother and Sabina, plus the dangly 'M' letter charm and charm holder from my mum and dad. This is now a bracelet I have yet to stop wearing over the last 4 months and is a solid staple in my jewellery collection.

What did you get in your latest birthday haul?


What I was lovingly gifted!
Clam Shell earrings - Oliver Bonas

Shell notepad - Paperchase 'Anchors Ahoy' Collection
Pink body shimmer lotion - Nougat
'Pearl Pink' highlighter - Mememe Cosmetics
Silver bracelet, rose quartz charm and 'M' letter charm - Thomas Sabo

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L'oreal Rouge Caresse Review

After seeing those luscious and effortlessly feminine images splashed over TV and in magazines, I had to delve (or try to) into the lifestyle of that perfectly poised Rouge Caresse girl.. By buying the lipstick of course!

Firstly, with my personal love for design I wanted to comment in this review firstly on the lipsticks container. Like the ads, the tube fits the super chic luxurious mold, completely clear with metallic elements to really bring out the colour of the product and also inspire the modern woman, who wouldn't want this in their handbag?

Following on from the design, the product itself is very pigmented (a filter has not been added to the image of the colour so you can get a better idea of this) and not the classic feminine in shade I expected, and although effortless to put on the product was actually quite dry after a few hours of wear. Those dreamy TV and mag ads I feel really had me hook line and sinker, and sold me a product far from that dainty colour with a dewy finish.

Moving away from the ad let down the product is actually quite good for the very opposite reasons I bought it for. The colour is almost metallically and lasts a while so is great for a night out.. Although, it does fair better with a coat of clear gloss.


What product I used
Colour 'Impulsive Fushcia' 202 - Boots

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The BRGR and Poncho OOTD

As most UK dwellers will know the sun is sadly leaving us with colder darker nights and early starts taking hold (so apologies for this slightly grungy set of OOTD pictures!). Last night being particularly bracing I wanted to experiment with some of my favourite winter pieces to get into the spirit of AW14. I decided to go for a monochrome look digging out this wool blend poncho jacket alongside a plain sheer white shirt and patent black flatforms. I then accessorized using my current love of 90's and long hair with a high ponytail and gold hoops to give the whole look another new twist (what do you think of the high pony?).

To put this outfit to good use me and my boyfriend decided on an improtu latenight shopping adventure round Oxford Circus to buy a few new household bits and bobs and for me to then gaze around the Apple store in wonder afterwards, particularly around the section of the iPhone 6!

We then followed the shopping trip with a search round Soho for a new burger place to try out. After stumbling around for ages with most places having up to an hour wait we came across BRGR.CO, which ended up being one of the best accidental finds. We ordered our standard Oreo milkshake and coke to share and then decided to go all out on our much need cheat day with 2 of the marbled "Masterpiece" burgers, parmesan truffle fries and crispy buttermilk onion stack. The service was outstanding and the meal was totally indulgent but affordable, making this place now top of my favourite burger places. But its safe to say the portions were more than generous (especially with that mountain of onion rings!) so we boxed what we couldn't stomach ready for a naughty snacking session the next day.

What did you get up to this weekend?


What I wore
Woolen poncho jacket - Minuet (found in a Charity Shop)

White dipped hem shirt - Newlook
Gold hoops - Argos
Patent black flatforms - Buffalo
Gem adorned band ring - Vintage
Midi rings - H&M

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