Revlon ColorStay ShadownLinks Review I Makeup on a budget

I'm obsessed with Revlon products. They're reliable, high quality and affordable. So I thought what better way to get back into using eyeshadows again than with my most trusted makeup brand.

Having jumped on the white eyeshadow dark red lip bandwagon that was leaping about the catwalk during fashion week for SS14, I wanted to get back to wearing shadow during the day to day and make a bit more than the mascara and light pink lip kind of effort that I'd been doing for a few years now.

I didn't want anything too dark colour wise but I wanted something with sparkle and a tad more colour than just the plain white I already had so I went for 'Petal' in the 'ColourStay ShadowLinks' range. Retailing at £2.99 a link in a tiny thin box with an attachment edge they're the perfect space saver size to fit into your purse and makeup bag, so you don't have to worry about leaving enough space for a huge shadow palette. Plus they're affordable and tailored to your budget as you can buy as many or as little as you wish, and the greatest thing is you can create your own palette of shades instead of having a tray of half unused and half demolished set of colours that's feels like such a waist.

The colour 'Petal' itself is a very light pastel pink almost leaning on the white side and is perfect for highlighting the tear ducts, browbone and outer crease. It also has a hint of sparkle so it's not too overpowering for daytime (although I'm a bit of a magpie so I would've liked a bit more of glitter. But thats more of a subjective comment). 

I also bought the colour 'Gunmetal' for a more evening look (and also so I could test the 'links' effect). This shade does come out quite dark and is perfect for the smoky eye look on the outer crease, but I've found by toning it down with my 'Petal' shade makes the effect even better.

Interms of its 'colour stay' claim in its name, I would say for such a sheer colour from the time apply in the morning to the time I get home at night most of the colour and sparkle has stayed which is good for something so dainty, but I do start to see creasing at the eyelid level. The creasing' not as bad as most other eyeshadows I've had in the past but there's still a little bit that occurs.

Overall I rate this product as for price and definition its certainly worth the money, and is a good spacesaving tool as well as a problem solver with the age old issue of half empty palettes.

I give this product 4 shells out of 5


What products I used
ColorStay ShadowLink in 'Petal' - Boots

ColorStay ShadowLink in 'Gunmetal' - Boots

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Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Cleansing Mousse Review I Skincare on a budget

I am a fiend for a good facial scrub or cleanser (which anyone whos graced my bathroom will know), and having had the pleasure of being gifted with Clarins Shower Mousse and subsequently falling in love with it, and THEN taunting myself gazing at the slightly lower end Champney's Shower Moussebut one that was still a pipe dream product that I probably couldn't really afford to keep buying. I thought to myself there must be a lower end product that has the same technology and silky calming high quality effect as this, but for your face which is affordable on a normal budget. After having a route around the Boots local to my workplace I looked at the 'Botanics' range and found this gem!

Having never bought from the range before I was slightly unsure as to how good this was going to be but for the offer price of £2.99 (RRP £3.99) that I paid for it I thought its definitely worth the punt. 

Described as a cleansing mattifying moose that refreshes and rebalances it instantly came across as calming and light which I feel was the perfect description for this product. The mousse was as light as a feather and didn't feel you were putting hardly anything on your face (so obsessive scrubbers need not apply). The pump itself was very sturdy and the product managed to remove all makeup when tested.

As for the scent it also had a very quaint note to it. With the Botanics range developed by the experts on plant extracts at the Royal Botanic Gardens the professional mix of willow bark and lemon peel was heavenly, not overpowering and what I now find is the most refreshing part of my morning shower routine.

I give this product 5 shells out of 5!


What products I used
Botanics Cleansing Mousse - Boots

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