Natural Collection Shine Away Foundation Review I Makeup on a budget

I've been meaning to do a review on this product for a while, and since this was the brand that helped me delve into the world of foundation I thought it'd be a great product to do a budget makeup review on, as there just aren't enough truly budget makeup reviews out there.

Although this product is budget I think it's great for essential day wear when you don't need very much coverage. As you can see from my before and after photo above it doesn't provide an astonishingly different look like an Estée Lauder double wear, but it does cover and provide its 'shine away' claim. Plus for its price at £1.99 it's hard not to try it out.

There are a few major flaws with it though, one being that it doesn't match skin tone very well. I'm quite a fair skined person so I went with my normal 'porcelain' choice, I tried the product on the back of my hand which came out fine but in some lights I feel you can see the line of where I begin and the makeup ends, even after vigorous strokes to eliminate this. Plus I find every now and again I'll get a 'caking' effect where the foundation dries at a quicker rate to that of me applying it and ends up bunching together and flaking off which is really annoying. But I think because my skin is SO dry if it isn't moist to start with it creates havoc using this product, so I think I'm going to start taking to mixing a bit of moisturiser in with the foundation from now on.

If you're thinking of buying this product, overall its great for a girl on a serious budget or just starting to use and learn how to wear makeup, but this is strictly NOT for professionals.

I give this product 3 shells out of 5

When mixing moisturiser with this product it works perfectly and provides a non-cakey coverage.


What Products I used
Natural Collection Shine Away Foundation - Boots

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