'The Yule Monty' Soap and Glory Review - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my 'Yule Monty' S&G review! This part discusses the rest of the creams and the makeup available in the collection.

Hand Food Hydrating  - Hand Cream
Another product with the classic S&G smell, this product takes pride of place in my handbag on a daily basis. With its hydrating claims this hand cream does exactly what it says on the bottle, although not really that quick to soak in which I find annoying when I'm out and about, but its still nourishing, soft and smells delicious!

Heels Genius  - Foot Cream
Now this is a weary product for me. I don't find the idea of covering your feet in fruity cream and then putting socks on over the top at all appealing. It's brings on a similar grimaced tooth clenched face to when an over dishwashed glass slips between my finger tips (just thinking about it now is making me squirm!). Although I'm painting the concept of the product with a negatively tainted brush, the result was my feet were super soft and subtle!.. but its no miracle cure for hard skin, but what product is!

The Righteous Butter - Body Butter
This body butter is basically an extension of the 'Butter Yourself' moisture lotion mentioned in this last review. As the product before was light and more of a daily quick fix moisturiser, this is at least 6 times the thickness. With that signature marshmallow scent wafting the airwaves again, this product is perfect for that weekend pamper post 'Sugar Crush' bath time of course!

Thick and Fast - Mascara
This product is perfect for my type of eyelashes, again blessed with long natural lashes I never really look for a lengthening product, but I'm always in dire need for a thickening product so this was well suited for me to try out! The product creates longer and thicker lashes but again, nothing to write home about. I also find it difficult to apply product to my smaller outer lashes with this brush as its SO big. So if you have quite large lashes and just want to thicken them up that little bit, this product is for you, but trust me when I say this won't create miracles.

Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump - Lipgloss
The only way to best describe this product is with the word; PAIN. I don't really have many negative comments to make about this 'Yule Monty' set but for me this is its only really snag. This is one of those products that has a bit of a marmite effect, so I would take this with a pinch of salt if you like this type of product. Luckily nature blessed me with an adequate lip pout size so I don't feel the need to plump them, and I can understand the appeal of this for someone who's lacking collagen, but this products takes it to a whole new level. The fact that the packaging doesn't make it's 'extreme plump' selling point obvious enough, I at first thought this was just a subtle pink gloss. Lapping it on my lips I went into that motion of deep heat sensation moving onto a cat scratch feeling followed by a full on fire, and to be honest the result wasn't worth the pain.

I hope this 2 part review was useful! You can read the first half here!


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