'The Yule Monty' Soap and Glory Review - Part 1

My company last year generously gave out gifts to all staff, with all the girls receiving Soap and Glory's biggest Christmas gift bag 'The Yule Monty', due to the sheer amount of products in the bag its taken me a while to go through and use to each to make sure I can give an honest review.. so it may be june and this may be old, but considering these products are still on the market.. heres part 1 of my review!

The Scrub of Your Life - Body Buffer
I'm going to start off with all the cleaning based products, first with this scrub. I've already bought this product once before and loved it, but this version had a new foaming action so I was excited to see what this would be like. With most scrubs I find them not as powerful at getting into every nook and cranny and find them just a blandly beaded face wash with no power. This S&G formula is thick with beads and really scrubs away dead skin and helps regenerate with S&G's sweet signature marshmallowy scent, but also with this new foaming formula it has the added after effects of a face wash so its perfect as an all over scrub.

Peaches and Clean - Deep Purifying Cleanser
Another product to have a scent makeover was this also new cleanser I had never seen before adorned with peach and goji berry extracts and Quillaja Bark a natural cleansing agent, all to reenergise, fight aging and effectively remove any makeup. I never usually use cleansers as I usually find them quite slimy, unpleasant and make me feel un-clean so to try this product was a new experience for me. The product was light and highly moisturising and removed every inch of makeup which was impressive, all with a light and refreshing tingle after scrubbing so I am a convert to cleansers and find this product also great for a makeup day off so my skin can regenerate and feel super clean. The only fault I would say is with this product is that it states peach and goji berry extracts which I only really got a hint of when really trying to find the scent so this product is really subtle, which for me was a little disappointing.

Sugar Crush - Body Wash
This a product I haven't seen before by S&G so I was quite excited to use this product, on top of the fact it was different to the usual marshmallowy scent S&G users are accustom to, this product was a mixed scent of lime, lemon, vanilla musk and coconut oil with radiance and moisture boosting properties AND on top of being a body wash it also doubles up as a bath suds so its twice as flexible. The silky and not too thick formula goes on as a sweet lime scent and froths up really well so you don't need much product to get going, once the product turns to suds the scent slowly turns to a 'wish it could be' edible ice-cream scent and overall provides needed moisture for all those slightly drier patches. I cannot comment on the 'radiance' qualities it provides as my skin is quite dry and never really responds to those type of treatments but with everything else it does exactly what it says on the bottle!

Butter Yourself - Moisture Lotion
This product again like the whole package of S&G products has a very sweet smell.. but this time not of marshmallow but of orange, almond, mango and fig. To be honest I could really just smell almond and a tinge of fig I think,.. I would've liked a bit more of a fruitiness to come through but unfortunately it didn't . The lotion itself was nourishing (and with my skin being very dry I am a good test patient for this kind of product), but not outstandingly regenerating like a classic astral product would be, but there's a thicker butter in the range so I didn't expect this product to be all singing all dancing as its more a quick daily product.

In part 2 I will be covering the other 5 products in this set containing 3 creams and 2 pieces from the new makeup range! Stay tuned..


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(All Images taken by myself and edited via Instagram and Photoshop)


  1. I really wanted to get this when it was half price in Boots and absed on your review, it looks like I need to add this to my beauty wishlist. Thanks for the headsup. I'm now following you on GFC, I'd love it if you could follow me here too? xx

    1. They are great products and last for ages too! Cute blog btw I'm now following you on GFC x

  2. May I know where you get the cute bedsheets?

  3. Hi! Glad you like them :) they're from Argos!


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