Garnier Ultimate Blends Collection

Staring at the sheer mass of bottles on offer in the Boots hair isle, biting my lip and scratching my head.. Yep.. It was time to decide my new shampoo for the month. I know it sounds silly but I bet every girl on the planet goes through this issue often with hair products, and with such a vast amount of ranges, brands and hair claims on offer how do you make such a simple decision?

One hair care brand making such claims and joining this cult of hair products is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Collection. Taping in on the classic back to basics of hair care and taking out ads on the cover on Londons top free fashion paper 'Stylist' to give everyone in the capital a good dose of hair jealousy. So I felt it was time to give these claims from this collection a run for their money.

My initial decision for getting the 'Silky Smoother' from the collection was on top of its states revitalising, shiny and enriching properties was the scent, it is ediably good and I would say by far the best in the collection.

The product itself looks-wise is nothing to go weak at the knees for like the 3D gloss with enough glitter that could kill a magpie, but it was consistent, shiny, not too thick, not too runny and the smell.. (again note it is to-die-for!) 

Anyway, what with all the marketing hype you'd expect the product to soak into the hair and be silky smooth and easy to style.. My brain was taken a back when the exact opposite happened (my hair is pretty dry and so it's the perfect candidate to test this type of product). When using the product it was definitely luxurious, frothed quickly, became really thick and it really felt like it was soaking in, but when rinsing out it made my hair feel the uncomfortable side of squeaky clean, so uncomfortable that it hurt to brush my hair out before blow drying. But once blow dried the final result was that my hair looked silky smooth and felt that way too.. The product seems to double back on itself.

I find with most 'silky' 'enriching' 'smoothing' based products that usually you can use the shampoo alone means that you don't need the conditioner all the time, but this is the complete opposite so if you buy this, buy the conditioner. You'll thank me later.

All in all this is a good product and does do what it says on the bottle.. eventually, although a tangle teeze or two may be needed the smell alone with see you buying in bulk.

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Gold Leopard OOTD

Minimal makeup look

The amazing 'Tiger' store!

Holly Sharpe for M&S and Glitter bath oil!

The Rivington

I'm sure this scarf and shirt have been featured on the blog before.. but its one of my favourites and for some reason recently I have been obsessed by a lot of backwards thinking autumnal palettes, so sorry about the lack of summer brights!

A venture out shopping and then dinner saw me wear this burnt gold shirt that has a super soft sheen to the fabric and cute little mother of pearl buttons, I then finished it off with my trusty red wax jacket, studded slippers, gold and red leopard scarf and my Givenchy glasses.

For this post I wanted to go more into what makeup I wore and also generally more of what I did during the day as I love blogs with lots of pictures and the whole 'diary' based feel to blogging. 
So for this outing I went super minimal on makeup like I usually do during the week using my bloggers favourite 'Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer' to brighten and cover, finished off with my 'Guerlain Paris Les Meteorites Powder' using my beloved Kabuki brush by Models Own to highlight and sparkle. For my eyes; as my eyebrows are very fine and always fall out of place very quickly I use 'Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara' in clear and as my lashes are quite long but blonde on the ends they just usually need colour and sometimes thickness so I use 'Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara' in black. 
I love the Natural Collection products as the price is brilliant for such a large range of basic products and to be honest the quality and brushes for these two products are not as poor as the price would lead you to believe, so I would definitely recommend these if your not looking for an all singing all dancing expensive masacra and just need a quick grab and go product for light makeup use.

Anyway where was I.. Once prim and proper for the occasion we ventured out for shopping where we visited 'Tiger'. I'd never been in the store before but the design of the store and products in the window was really cool and well designed, so we decided to have a look around. The only way I can describe the store if you've never been before is mix a touch of Ikea design, the Muji clean shop layout and cute paperchase products but cheaper moulded into one store and you have Tiger! So if you love any of these stores you'll love this, I particularly was obsessed with the wall of candles and matching napkins!

Later on we ventured to M&S to run a few errands and I ended up perusing around the cutely packaged Holly Sharpe for the limited collection M&S range (especially the blushers and duo polishes) and the bath products and getting sucked in like a magpie to this A-MAZING bath oil with gold glitter which makes me relaxed just looking at it.

The last thing on the menu for the day (pun totally intended) was going to the Rivington for dinner where I enjoyed my first fish and chips in a very long time alongside a cool summer spritzer and some good company.


P.s let me know what you think about the more 'traditional' diary based blog, I'd love to know your thoughts!

What I wore
Glasses - Givenchy via Boots Opticians

Red wax jacket - Barbour
White and Gold button earrings - eBay
Burnt gold shirt - Topshop
Orange, gold and red scarf - Tie rack
Studded pumps - Topshop

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(All Images taken by myself and additional design added via Instagram and Photoshop)

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