A bloggers Christmas - The belated present post

Its been pretty hectic round my neck of the woods as of late and this is one of those posts I have been avoiding for so long but I'm now putting a stop to it, better late than never ey!
I decided to snap a small collection of presents around my little decopaged side table so you can get a feel of my gifts from this year.

I asked my brother and his girlfriend for a blue mascara as the 90's has returned with avengance recently, I expected to receive a more mid-range mascara as opposed to a high-end product like this so this was a nice surprise. This blue is quite a subtle electric blue and is only noticeable in direct light so it's perfect for daily use, but can be made brighter with a few applications so its brilliantly flexible!

This was my main present from my boyfriend last year and I'm sure you've seen it in all of my outfit posts and probably heard me go on and on over on instagram/twitter and all other social mediums I get involved in. This piece of MicroMagnetic based kit is all the way from California USA complete with swarovski crystals that have a light shining through them showing the time/second. I LOVE this present and was obsessed with it when I opened the boxed on christmas day, on top of the fact I get so many compliments and people commenting on it as its so orginal, great gift all round!

This was a little stocking filler from the the boyfriends parents which is a cute red polish holder. I would've never thought of buying a contraption like this but it's actually saved my skin a fair few times in the past 2 months. This half dome holder is actually cut three times at a slight angle on the reverse with three black dots pads (hence the name) meaning that when placed on a surface with the weighted polish inside its impossible to knock over*, a bit like the center of gravity coke can physics trick. *Obvious swiping of the object off the table doesn't count

With my mum knowing my love of Cath Kidston still remains strong she decided to buy me these little shakers as a stocking fillers and go with all my kitchy decor in my house, aren't they cute!

..With a slightly melting bottom in this image! Another little pressie from my brother and his girlfriend was this set of bath fizzers including; The Blackberry mini comforter bubble ball (which is extremely crumbly note Mrs .Frostys bottom) and a butterball bath ballistic in a vanilla scent. I love getting these kind of sets for Christmas as they always seem to brighten my mood with the excitement of not knowing what the product will be like (thats probably just the girlyness in me), plus they get me into the bath and relax which doesn't happen often enough.

One of my best friends also got me a set of egg shaped fizzes, perfect for the up and coming Easter break! So I can soak up the festive frenzy in sweet scented style! (Pun definitely intended).

Like many amateur kitchen users, I am fairly good at cooking and using my truly loved recipes over and over and perfecting them each time, but as my boyfriend will testify by the heat of my chilli con carne.. I cannot measure to save my life. So my mum got me these cute ditsy style measuring cups (which also match my decor) to make my boyfriends mouth a little cooler.

.. because pictures of loved ones always need a fashionable pair of geek specs! These were a little stocking filler from my boyfriends parents, still unused yet but I'm waiting on the perfect photograph.

As most people know from the sheer capacity that we ramble on about it.. we have a juicer. And we like juicing. So this will come in handy (also from my bfs parents). As much as I LOVE my carrot and apple juice which gets shot over on my instagram quite alot, it might be nice to switch things up a little.

And last but by no means least the westie calendar! I've always had this little fantasy in my head of prancing down a London street with a happy little ball of white fluff attached to a little red tartan collar since having a westie when I was young, although this dream has not yet happened a girl can dream.. And this calendar will help.

What were your Christmas faves?


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(All Images taken by myself and edited via Photoshop)

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