My bath/shower regime featuring Whish Sugar Scrub, Molton Brown shower gel and Good Things cleanser

Seeing as my beauty blogging is going so well I thought it was about time for me to do a 'My bath/shower regime' post with the things I use in the everyday and a few pampering pieces as well.

My main beauty regime consists of three products as I never leave myself enough time in the morning to do any thorough scrubbing or pampering. 

Currently for my hair I'm using boots Coconut and Almond shampoo for normal to dry hair. As I wash my hair everyday (yes I know I shouldn't but I really don't like my hair feeling dirty) it does get really dry but leave-in treatments take too long so this stuff is a savour to my hair during my super quick moving mornings. It has a deep clean effect but equally enriching formula which when drying your hair it feels as if it has been through a more natural deep conditioning system without leaving that sticky coated feeling you get with some conditioners and shampoos, and at £1.29 for 300ml it's a total steal!

If my hair feels super un-clean after a crazy gym session, music festival or the like I use Lush 4 in 1 'fun' putty in mandarin. The putty can be used for hair, body, in the bath or mould into anything for fun just like playdough! Like all lush products the putty contains minimal amount of ingredients with most that occur naturally in essential oils so the putty doesn't froth up like normal shampoo/soap, so when using it you have to make sure most of the putty is mainly in liquid form to get the best coverage. Although when using the putty you feel as if it isn't doing very much once rinsed out your hair feels squeaky clean and soft which goes for whatever part of the body you use it on. The only thing bad I have to say about this product is that it comes in a recycled cellophane wrap so unlike most of the other lush products that come in a container once this is used once its hard to keep it in your shower or in the side of your bath without it getting water/condensation in, it then discintergrating and it all getting a little messy.

My next daily used product is my good things cleanser. Really overall it was the scent that sold it to me with its really sweet mango and blueberry mixture, but with its free from preservatives, sulphates and animal oils it has added benefits of being as close to natural as possible. The cleanser is quick and deep cleaning with the added pampering effect from its scent, so its perfect for daily use and makes the crazy mornings that little bit easier.

The last thing on the menu for my routine is my Molton Brown Gingerlilly bath and shower gel, as you can see as well as being one of Molton Brown's top sellers its certainly mine (and now new converted addict.. my boyfriends) favourite too. Although its aim like my other items is probably not to be as natural and anti-preservative as possible, its powerful sweet but also peppery/oaky scent is the perfect daily tool for me to use with my Minnie Mouse shower puff which I adore! Although you pay quite hefty for it, it's totally addictive.

Over the weekends I like to pamper myself and which girl doesn't like to have long soak in the bath once in a while? As I have dry skin which becomes severely dry in the winter months my three whishes sugar scrub is my first port of call for this type of weekender activity. Containing a trio of exfoliants with bamboo powder, raspberry seed and sugar and sugar cane hosted alongside another trio of moisturizers of organic aloe, organic raspberry butter and organic Shea butter, once the fine exfoliant has been used as a scrub and rinsed off the rich moisturising formula stay on your skin soaking its sweet almond scent which reminds me of cake baking all over, perfect for making my skin normal again!

My last little weekend treat product which I use quite rarely is the 15 year old slumber party favourite, the Montagne Jeunesse face mask. I like to use these once in a while to create a little 'me' time and although they don't really do anything long term for my skin they maintain my relaxing periods which is perfect in itself.

So that's my skincare routine discussed! Let me know what you think and whether you can recommend anything new to add to my routine.


Products I use:
Coconut and Almond Shampoo - Boots
'FUN' playdough - Lush
Good Things Cleanser - Boots
Gingerlilly bath and shower gel - Molton Brown
Almond Sugar Scrub - Whish
Strawberry Souffle Face Mask - Montagne Jeunesse

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(All Images taken by myself and edited via Instagram and PicFrame)

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