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Like every girl on the planet, I love to be pampered, de-stressed and know all the anti-ageing treatments for when that dreaded time comes. So when secret revival and I got in contact recently about their uplifting facial massage, although I am no expert beauty blogger and really focus on a handful of products to keep my skin ticking over, I decided it was time to take up in some early new years resolutions and start again with my skin, on a fresh re-vamped palette and this was the perfect opportunity to restart.

Walking down a long dome shaped entrance filled with refreshing trees and ornaments in the heart of the north east suburbs of angel is a small wooden door where Secret Revival lies.

I was instantly greeted by owner and facial guru Pritpal with a kind and warming attitude and aspiring clear skin to boot. After filling out a short form Pritpal gave me a short consultation explaining the massage and idea behind it.

The facial is unlike many traditional facials using no creams or products with preservatives, just a deep tissue massage technique used to hit certain target areas of the face to rejuvenate and lift the muscles to give the face a facelift and glowing effect without the chemicals or the obvious women's short fix, Botox. 

Pritpal concentrates on awaking the body and holds deep traditionally Indian beliefs that the skin really has all it needs to keep facial issues at bay stating "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin". Pritpal uses deep circular motions on the face and areas around the lymph in the face and neck to awake the naturally occuring detoxifying areas of the body to help flush out toxins and strengthen muscles.

In a relaxing incense and music filled environment the thorough massage was performed with the movement able to be modified along the way depending on preference. Pritpal performed the massage on half my face so I could see the difference on each side, and after one side was done my skin instantly felt perk and plump and was significantly glowing, I decided to wear no makeup before the treatment so I could really see the effects, my dark circles were lessened and my skin was just generally a lot more alive so I can definitely see why people describe the treatment as a natural face lift.

At the end of the treatment Pritpal rubbed pure organic coconut oil over her hand and gently drifted over my face to finish the treatment.

After the treatment Pritpal was eager to impart her wisdom, she showed me techniques for the everyday and when my skin is feeling tired to re-create these similar skin effects at home plus detailing oils that all beauty addicts should use including jojoba oil that mimics the sebum oil produced in the skin and Coconut oil to enrich the hair and body, with Spezia Organics being her in-house favourite brand.

But she didn't just detail the obvious facial knowledge from her line of work, she also gave me fitness and diet tips for improving the state of my skin with leafy greens, wheat grass and Bikram yoga being first on the menu, all helpful tips for my early new years resolutions!

Overall I would say this facial massage experience is really for someone actually looking to improve their skin, that may seem like a stupid comment but alot of facials on the market are really labelled as a standard slap-on-and-leave treatment, showing minor results but not ones that last with its main use just to pamper. Pritpals massage will not only lift significantly but can also be maintained with the correct teaching straight from a beauty guru, on top of that familiar post facial pampered feeling.

Prices start at £65 for a single session with several different packages available at


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(All Images taken by myself and edited via Instagram)

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