Hallows eve mega quick mani

Now.. As I'm usually the type of girl who wears the same red nail polish, pink lipstick and black eyeliner on the right occasion and am all round quite minimalist when it comes to makeup I therefore don't do many beauty blogging based posts. But this Hallow I found myself with a few spare minutes and decided to a) use two polish's I haven't used in a while and b) maybe jazz up my hands for the week and be little more fitting with the time of year.

I applied a layer of clear base coat before applying the main colour (whereby I find all the Model's Own products go down smoothly and are quick drying so they were my first port of call). I then applied two layers of 'Beetle juice' green also by Model's Own and then followed up with crackle black on both index fingers with another clear coat on top to set the effect in place and make it all more of a gloss look and less of a matte.

This is probably a pretty amateurish effect in comparison with some of the other amazing mani's that go around in the blogosphere but I thought it might be worth a share if you fancy something quick to go with your hallows witchy/zombie style outfit!

Happy trick or treating! (and.. save me some sweets!)


Colours I used

Clear polish - '3 in 1 base coat, top coat and gloss' by Models Own
 Two-tone metallic green - 'Golden green beetle juice' by Models Own
Black Crackle Polish - '049 Nail Effects' by Barry M

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(All Images taken by myself and edited via Instagram)


Well and truly Solestruck

If there's nothing more tempting to a woman than a pair of drop dead gorgeous shoes.. It's multiple updates on the latest drop dead gorgeous shoes streamed straight to your retinas on your favourite digital gadgets via Instagram. I decided it was about time I created a wall of dedication to this brand and put all the print screened images I've taken (for research only obviously...) of the shoes that beautiful shoes that have caught my eye.

Solestruck has definitely solved some of my fashion footwear fixes (try saying that quickly) for over the past year or so, not just for constant interesting updates but also for some of the playful and innovative choices that are featured ranging from the super chic to the truly daring type of shoe all posted with the top toe trends in mind.

So trust me if you like shoes, like innovative footwear or just need something different to dazzle your tootsies.. these need to be your top follow @solestruck


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(All Images taken by @solestruck and edited via Instagram)


Bonjour Normandy!

A long long time ago (I'm not joking) in a European country far far away... (and that one was exaggerated) was a bank holiday weekend trip to Normandy for the usual bank holiday antics.

Although the 8 hour car ride enduring horrific terrential rain, 4am petrol freak outs and a casual 'that's the wrong road in the wrong town' moment my little bank holiday trip abroad proved a trés cultural and fashionable one ;)

Road tripping via ferry up to rural Normandy alongside the bf, one of his best friends and his girlfriend fellow fashion blogger Charlotte Jay from to a rustic friends house where we'd live for the next 3 days with 5 others.

On the first day after an unplanned 8am arrival and a good nap until 2 in the afternoon we decided to go to try the local cider and Omaha beach to visit the very famous cemetary seen at the beginning of saving private ryan which was really shocking but interesting at the same time.
I wore a truly French attire in a black and white toothpaste stripe jersey maxi dress with crystal necklace and white fur gillet finished off with my favourite pair of studded cigarette slippers (although due to the unfortunate windy weather it wasn't the most practicle outfit choice).

After a late evening getting know everyone in the group we all decided on day two to be even more cultural and drive to bateaux and see the cathedral and tapestry. We later walked around the town casually stopping for crépes and coffee which all felt quite picturesque. In the evening we went to a local restaurant to try the famous fish dishes where I tried the afrodisiac oysters for the first time, alongside my favourite minute steak and spotting a few baby craps trapped in friends oysters (I wish the photo had come out).
For my day two outfit I went with white again trying to grasp the last of the summer sun in an angular cut tshirt and fur gillet with a silver cross and bright pink baroque patterned scarf to seal the deal.

Unfortunately along came the last day and home time in the afternoon where the real sun started arriving which we'd all wished had been a few days earlier. We took the long car trip to the ferry grabbing ice cream, sunsets and making seagull friends along the way.

All in all it was a great little trip away and a nice change to the usual London hustle and bustle. What did you do on the August bank holiday?


P.S. I've finally fully moved into London Town to lessen my commute and after 3 weeks now have Internet so expect more blogging!

What I wore

Stripped maxi - TU by Sainsburys
Crystal necklace - H&M
White fur gillet - H&M
Studded cigarette slippers - Topshop
White angular tshirt - ASOS
Silver cross - Newlook
Pink baroque scarf - vintage
Black le pliage bag - Longchamp
Red wax jacket - Barbour
Black cat eye glasses - Givenchy

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(All Images taken by myself/by a friend and edited via Instagram)

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