One fine baking weekend - OOTD

Hey there!

Just a little round up to another successful baking weekend I should've shared yonks ago along with one successful shopping purchase to add to me ever growing wardrobe and list of hauls to go through.. annnyway..

I've been desperate to try out the Betty Crocker range of baking delights for a while now after hearing rave reviews from past housemates and friends. Although some might see it as cheating.. as my boyfriend bought me the red velvet kit (probably a hopeful hint for me to make it) there was no excuse for me not to try it ;)

Its a pretty simple kit and in all honesty not at all expensive with the mix kit costing about £3 (with me going the whole hog in this post and buying the Betty Crocker cream cheese styling frosting as well costing £3) obviously costs here are minus the eggs, oil, butter and baking tins but if you have all of these in your house prior to baking embarkation and are looking for a sickly task re-treat then this will be your guide.

Popping the mixture, eggs, oil and water into a mixing bowl and stirring vigorously (and for me it was truly vigorous as I only had a hand whisk) splitting in half and pouring each mixture into a lined baking tin and baking for 23 - 28 minutes it couldn't be easier! (I only had 1 tin to add to extra effort of my baking expedition which in the end only helped speed the cooling process as I'm a sinner when waiting for cakes to cool)

Once the cooling process has been completed (not totally need but pretty vital if you want an ultra perfect looking cake) I then used the Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Style Icing to add the finishing touch to the inner and top of the cake! Which was also pretty simple, looked amazing...

And was then very appreciated..

All of this all couldn't have been done without an appropriate outfit right?... Yeah It wasn't so appropriate.. but I just HAD to show you all this lovely faux fur gillet (which I'm surprised didn't get literally caked in red mixture) that I picked up in the H&M sale for £10 to go alongside my H&M leggings, H&M dress and H&M necklace! I've been a bit obsessed with H&M recently.

And thats it!
I hope you enjoyed my little post, chat soon!


What I'm wearing:
Spike hairband - Ebay
Clear gemstone look necklace - H&M
Dalmation Dress - H&M
Black Leggings - H&M
Faux Fur white gillet - H&M

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(Images taken by myself and via my instagram)
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