Carpe Diem V-day 2 - OOTD

Hi All!

I've decided to this week wrap up (not drag up) with a little post of my lovely valentines weekend (which I've finally got round to writing about) and to move swiftly on and to stop continually nattering on and on about it and prevent further stick from friends. So here goes. 

Me and my boyfriend planned after valentines day for me to hang out together at the weekend that followed and generally 'seize the day' getting round to actually doing something in one of the capital hang outs for tourism, London Town.

We decided to check out London Zoo and take a romantic stroll through regents park to get there and famous for its parks.. regents didn't let us down although the temperature could've been better. We took a casual look around, avoided glaring feisty geese, admired some endearing ducklings and got a little lost along the way.

We finally got to the zoo and spent the next 4 hours checking out all the obvious zoo related mammals but with my attention focusing on the beautiful colours from the sea life and butterfly tent which obviously I have to share with you guys..

For our little day out I decided to wear my normal attire of shift dress (which you can't see but it was related to the occasion of a Dalmatian print), studded boots and leggings all with an old favourite coat of mine which I'd recently pull off the coat rack all topped off with a studded silver headband, red rose scarf and woven straw black pleather handbag.

Although the romance was blooming as much as my scarf and roses from the Thursday before, it was pretty nackering walking around the park for 4 hours non-stop so we decided to stop off at a local restaurant for Italian where I received the biggest calzone you've ever seen!

So that was it! I'd like to say we did something on the Sunday.. But we really didn't, it was mainly filled with work related stuff for the week ahead.

Did you do anything for valentines weekend?

Stay tuned for fashion related posts next week and less of the mushy stuff.


What I'm wearing:
Skater coat with fur collar - H&M
Red rose print scarf - M&S
Spike hairband - Ebay
Studded boots - Office
Woven straw pleather bag - Matalan

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(Images taken by myself and are completely un-edited)


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To all of you who have read my blog for the last 2 and a half years of its life then welcome to Blogspot! I finally made the big leap over from Wordpress and although its been sad to finally cut ties with Wordpress it feels great to be here and to have a brand new start!

Just incase you were wondering why I decided to move.. although I love all my readers and had such a great time creating content.. I just feel that blogger has such a better platform to experiment with the design of your interface without having to pay mega $ and the overall base for fashion blogging is so much greater so I felt it was time for a change.

I plan to take my blog in some new directions on here that I hadn't on wordpress so stay tuned for some brand new content!

Much Love!

P.s. Happy Valentines day!

What I'm wearing:
Beige tartan print shawl - Vintage
White sheer blouse with dipped hem - Newlook
Gold and faux pearl necklace - H&M
Black mohair bowler hat - Vintage

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(Images taken by myself and are completely un-edited)

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