Stylish ski wear

Ever since I was young I've been very lucky to be able to learn how to ski going on ski trips every year with my family and family friends all across europe, and when recently after speaking to my close chum and housemate Cassie about the possibility of doing a ski gap year, the only thing that kept creeping into my mind (other than resorts and adventure) was the D&G Ski wear collection. 

After going online and gawping at this amazing fair-isle print A/W 2010 collection, especially the amazing woollen onsie, I then discovered the limited edition D&G ski mask covered in more than 2,500 Swarovski crystals! 

Although I think they are quite over the top and with practicality being a slight fail due the mere thought of one of those stones being damaged after a nasty ski fall would make me cry a little.. I still think they're absolutely show stopping and are a great flamboyant asset to the snow season.. but unfortunately I think they'll only be appearing in my dreams :(

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Barbour Barbour Barbour!

Barbour shaped Liddesdale £69.95 
Asos Quilted Cord Collar Jacket £46 
Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Jacket £179.00 

(excuse the uni project chaos in the background of the top photo.. haha!)

I just thought I'd do a short post on the Barbour brand as I've quite literally just received my own Barbour coat through the post, and its been one of the few things I've been looking forward to recently. 

Although the Barbour brand was started just over 100 years ago purposely making tailoured clothing for outdoor activities such as hunting and horse riding and one major customer being the royal family, the brand has seen to have a massive change of market to the younger generation of fashion followers, with every girl and their chihuahua wearing these signature coats or reproduction's of them like the one above from asos

The Barbour coat is one of the very few remaining successes of a british brand thats still quite literally sewing true english heritage into all its clothes. 
It's nice to see a brand thats never changing to fit the latest trend but one that still extremely successful which goes to show that although fashion will come and go, true solid styles will always be around. 

Although I'm currently based in the London area I originally come from the country side area of Essex and remember wearing my dad's wax coat when I was little which he still has now 20 years later! Let's hope its a cold winter so I can trial my own coat over christmas and match my dad :) 

M x

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My dream just arrived through the post..

..After a 6 day wait

Isn't she just perfect! I absolutely love the simplicity of the logo on the box that seems to have a fresh twist on an Aztec idea, but also adds to the range a great deal and is also a nice thing to keep! 

What do you think of the House of Harlow 1960 range? 
M x

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House of Harlow 1960

Ever since Nicole Richie quit living 'The Simple Life' and started dating Joel Madden from Good Charlotte I've always thought she slowly bloomed into every bit the celebrity star and fashion guru she is today and that House of Harlow 1960 was just the tip of the iceberg. 

When the brand started up in October 2008 with only a few jewelry pieces I fell head over heels in love with the boho chic designs but sophisticated feel of the pieces just like Nicole Richie all over! But due to the range being American they were only available in the US and would cost a bomb to ship over. 

Finally one year on, a larger range of pieces and greater publicity for the brand, online UK stores are now starting to sell these beauts for the same prices as in the US and some offer free delivery such as Asos. To mark this tremendous occasion I have bought one of the first pieces the brand brought out which I've been dreaming about for over a year now, the sunburst 14ct gold-plated cocktail ring with black leather insert! Which is definitely one of the best pieces in the collection.  
I love the way that this and a lot of the pieces although have a strong boho/aztec feel to them they seem to be extremely blendable with different fashion styles. Also the brand's pieces are definitely strong enough to stand alone and still look amazing and show themselves as real signature pieces that you'd imagine could really finish off any outfit, One example of this has to be the yellow gold tigers eye ring in the image below, No wonder its such a big hit!   

You can find most of the range at Asos, Bunny Hug and My Wardrobe.. and you'll find me for the next week at the front door waiting for the postman to give me my parcel! 

Speak soon! 
M x

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Imogen Newton

Bloggers, journalist's and fashionistas everywhere have been talking about new kid on the block Imogen Newton, one of the current faces for Topshop

After reading a short piece from the Evening Standard about the model I've felt inspired by her effortless girl next door essence when looking at natural pictures of her, but also her striking boyish rough and ready charm when modelling for topshop. She seems to ooze less is more and reminds me visually as exactly half of singer Avril Lavigne and actress Claire Danes. 

Although she's 16 years old and every girls dream seems to have fallen into her lap, she is still determined to continue on to doing A-levels after getting all A's and A*'s in her GCSE's. So not only is she absolutely stunning, she's extremely clever and is very level-headed for someone of her age. 

Don't you just hate her already! 
You can view her modelling portfolio at

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A change for the better?

I was recently browsing the beauty section of the ASOS website and found a first for nail polish (well for me anyway) scented nail polish by Rimmel London. They come in Apricot punch, Cranberry zest, Lemon drop and Strawberry fizz. Although I'm only a fan of Strawberry fizz and Cranberry zest colour wise, Could this be a step in the right direction to eliminate the horrible lingering stench of nail polish when it's just been used? 

What do you think? 

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As a student I'm sick to the back teeth of having easily breakable but extremely loved crockery that practically dangles out of my cupboard due to lack of space, almost to the point that I don't want to eat at the sheer thought of breaking something.

So quite recently I've started investing in the very kitch Melamine plastic crockery brand, not only are they plastic and practically unbreakable, they're freshly designed, dishwasher safe, great for picnic's, reasonably priced and come in a wide variety of patterns. So its goodbye Denby and helloooo Melamine. 

You can buy The Melamine range on Ebay  

(Images taken by myself)


Bits and Bobs

After a couple of weeks I've finally had the time to sit down and show you a few bits of either vintage pieces that I've been given by family or things that I have bought recently that I love a lot ♥
Starting in the bottom left hand corner moving clockwise:

1. A vintage sterling silver flower brooch 
2. Dior 'Les Parfums' perfume set including Dior's Dolce Vita, J'adore, Hypnotic Poison, Dior Addict 2 and Miss Dior Cherie around £50 
3. Givenchy's Phenomen'eyes Mascara, £19.50 from Debenhams 
4. A vintage cameo necklace 
5. A vintage sterling silver rose pendant 
6. Victorian vintage copy heart watch, £30 by Past Times 
7. Vintage crocodile skin 1960's/1970's purse/bag 
8. The matching brooch to my vintage sterling silver rose pendant (number 5) 
9. Off white Maddox shoe with brass buckles, £30 and currently half price in the sale at Topshop 
10. Vintage 1980's Tapestry print weekend bag bought on Ebay for £27 

I love all these little vintage pieces that I've either been given or bought and I think they are so much better price and look wise than some of the copies that are out at the moment on the high street for double the price. For example this Tapestry bag at a shocking £40 from Topshop 

Also although the price for the Dior Miniatures was quite steep they're great for travelling purposes which I've used them for a couple of times, but also they are so cute to look at due to the size of them when they're sitting together in a set. Look at the size of my miniature Miss Dior Cherie next to my thumb! (excuse the nail) 

Is there anything you've bought or been given recently that your proud of?
M x

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Letter of the Day

Henry Holland's new summer range called H! which recently came out is only one of many Holland successes. After his current work with frock me alongside best buddy Alexa Chung, his current range House of Holland and his work with Levi and Pretty Polly, his new summer collection H! at Debenhams is a nice extra to add to his long line of work. 

The range is very cute and summery but bold and extremely different to anything else on the high street at the moment. If you love floral like myself but are bored of the same old ditsy floral patterns out currently and you need something bright to spice up some of your clothes then this range is the way to go this summer. I've recently became the proud owner of the grey top with floral print and the bright pink floral culottes in the hope that by wearing his work I will at some point gain a CV like him... think it'll work? 

M x

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Rock 'N Rose

A couple of weeks ago I turned 21 and so I've been showered with amazing presents and birthday wishes... but at the same time neglecting my blog :S 

I just wanted to share with you the amazingly kitch present one of my best friends got me from the online store Rock 'N Rose

She got me this lovely typewriter key letter ring (thank you Robyn <3) which nicely replaces my lost scrabble ring from last year ;( 

I thought I'd also show you the images of the packaging and attention to detail from the company itself, the delicate feminine design of the logo is really set off nicely next to the exciting pink candy stripe paper bag the piece comes in, and every customer always gets a little rock 'n rose sweet with every purchase which makes the whole experience that little bit more special. 

If you love kitch I do recommend you check them out, and I'm sure I'll be back with more posts about more lovely presents I got :) 


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Pattern Perfection!

A while ago I was flicking through my housemates ASOS magazine and found a lovely pair of laser cut patterned shoes and fell head over heels for them. I went on the website later that day to try and find them and unfortunately they weren't there. 

Recently I've been on a slight shoe binge in celebration of my birthday and I found 3 Newlook versions of the shoe and I'm now the proud owner of the mega cute pink pair. 

Lucky for me that I bought the £30 Newlook version as I've now found the original pair and they are unfortunately attached to a whopping £125 price tag!... they're still lovely though.

(Images taken from the ASOS and Newlook websites and laid out by myself)


Inspired by Miu Miu


I thought I'd share with you a quite stunning piece of clothing by Miu Miu. 

After seeing this outfit on the cover of an evening standard supplement, that I was temporarily blown away by, I've been desperate to find time to sit down and really express my gratitude. 

This Iconic design of this collection is detailed yet plain, screams twee but has a quite hard hitting print. 

My specific favourite as you can see in the images is the one made from a cat print shirt and diamante, which is an absolutely stunning piece. 

I think this sort of print will be a real hit for the summer, and I just wish I had the spare £285 lying around for those cute clog sandals from the collection ;( 

M x

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La Perla

Lets be honest, there's not a lot you can play with as a Designer or illustrator when your trying to sell hosiery for a company right? The La Perla Packaging can prove you wrong.

After shopping for the items I've posted a blog about earlier I decided to shop for some new leg wear on Asos and stumbled across the company La Perla and fell in Love with the packaging. 

Their innovative Illustrated poses of models and the very subtle, simple yet striking layout, typography and colours of the collection has been really well done. Their interesting packaging really fits the aesthetic of the company of being mainly for women, but also being quite different and off the wall about how they sell their products, which is what come across to me from the website (La Perla

Its taking me a while to find the designer but this packaging is definitely an inspiration for me and is a great example of well thought out and structured design. 

M x

(Images taken from the ASOS website and laid out by myself)

A Cheaper Alternative

I've just been studying the detail and quality of the Dior Diorette Jewellery Collection and have found a much cheaper alternative by Accessorize.  

Although the craft and effect isn't the same I think that is a good alternative, and because I mainly wear a lot of silver Jewellery its a great silver option for myself. 

M x

(Images taken from the ASOS and Dior websites and laid out by myself)

Loan day shopping list

I am currently a very poor student (like most are at the moment), and so I've been dreaming up a little list of the things I want to buy when my loan and wages come through.


The Black Playsuit with lace shoulder detail is £38 from Miss Selfridge 
The rose coloured retro watch is £20 from Asos 
The Brown flat buckle shoes are £35 and also from Asos 
The Mischa Barton round Ladybug bag is £30 and a great half price find at Tesco 
The small gold ring watch is £12 at Accessorize 
and Lastly, the large Black leather disc ring is roughly about £24 from House of Harlow 1960 but I think the shipping cost would be crazy so I think its more of a dream than a definite buy :( 

I think this could make a nice little outfit :) I now cannot wait to go shopping and spend some quality time in London with my friends, I'm so excited :) 

M x

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